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Do you have information about Lupe Vélez?

My current book project is dedicated to the life and films of Lupe Vélez. It will be the most thorough, most truthful, book on her life to date. If you have interesting information that you think would be beneficial to my project, or if you’re family member of someone she worked with, please contact me – – I look forward to hearing from you.


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The Estate of Oleg Cassini – Ohhhh, What a MESS!

WOW! There are a lot of revelations, and pretty shocking accusations, in the September VANITY FAIR article. The Estate of Oleg Cassini is an absolute mess! I won’t go into details here, just read the article via the link below the picture of Oleg with Gene Tierney. It’s five pages. Be sure to read the whole thing…

Read Article Here – 5 Pages


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Ann Rutherford is 89 and STILL talking about GWTW! Good for her!

Ann Rutherford is one of the few remaining main cast members of “Gone With The Wind” – At 89, she’s still talking about the epic classic, and still enjoying every minute of it!

Read Article Here




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All Kinds of WRONG!

Angelina Jolie to star as Marilyn Monroe in new film

Angie Thinks It\’s Wrong Too


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Elvis Presley Died Thirty-Three Years Ago Today…

Elvis Vigil At Graceland

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New Review From DAEIDA Magazine – August, 2010 Issue


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Fantastic DAEIDA Magazine Review Of My Olive Borden Book!

Page 7 – Read it HERE

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