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The Death Of Lupe Vélez…

I posted a few photos of Lupe Vélez here yesterday, candid images that won’t be appearing in my book because of the photo cull from 150 to 75. Rather than letting the unused photos sit on my desktop, I’m sharing them with you all here. So, here’s a few more, though I forewarn you, they aren’t as pleasant as the ones in my previous post….

Above: Lupe Vélez in her coffin.

Jorge Negrete (1911-1953) and Mario Moreno, who used the moniker, ‘Cantinflas’ (1911-1993) paying their last respects to Lupe Vélez as she lay in her coffin. Negrete and Moreno were two of the greatest Mexican movie stars of all-time, Negrete as a leading man and singer, and Moreno (Mexico’s answer to Groucho Marx) as the most famous comic-character his country had ever produced. In 1944, they were both leaders of The Mexican Actors Guild (ANDA). Since Lupe’s will had not yet been probated, her family had no means to get her body from America to Mexico so The Guild stepped in and paid for the transportation of Lupe’s body back to her home country.

Above: Lupe’s mother and sisters pay their respects…

Several members of Lupe’s immediate family pay their respects before her body at the funeral home. Left to right: Two of Lupe’s sisters stand beside their distraught mother as she is supported by an unidentified man.

Funeral Day…


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