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Book to Film – Lupe Velez Bio Pic Option Now Available…

My best-selling biography on the life and career of Lupe Velez is now available to be optioned for a film. A previous option agreement has now lapsed due to lack of funds, making it available once again.

See link below. If interested, please contact my publisher for a copy of the book. I believe this bio-pic would be a great fit for Netflix, appealing to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. If anyone has an “in” with a Netflix exec., put in a good word…pretty please 😊

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“Blonde” – USA Today Article…

I am quoted in the USA Today article below…

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“Blonde” on Netflix

Marilyn Monroe’s life needs no fictional embellishment. It was rags to riches, triumph and tragedy, and then there was the almost-Hollywood-like scripted, mysterious and untimely end. She was exploited in life, and far more so in death.

Her last taped interview with Richard Meryman was published in Life Magazine (August 3, 1962), one day before her death. At the conclusion of that interview, Marilyn said, “Please don’t make me look like a joke…” 

I feel that it’s so very important to honor those words, and that wish. It’s our duty to give her legacy something she explicitly asked for. It was as if she knew how she’d be portrayed in death, when she had no voice to fight back, because she fought so desperately hard, for everything, when she lived. Some sixty years on since her passing, we are still debating and deciphering the lies from the truth.

That said, it’s essential to remember that Blonde is not a biopic. It walks the precarious tightrope of artistic licence and historical fiction. 

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