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Book to Film – Lupe Velez Bio Pic Option Now Available…

My best-selling biography on the life and career of Lupe Velez is now available to be optioned for a film. A previous option agreement has now lapsed due to lack of funds, making it available once again.

See link below. If interested, please contact my publisher for a copy of the book. I believe this bio-pic would be a great fit for Netflix, appealing to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. If anyone has an “in” with a Netflix exec., put in a good word…pretty please 😊

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Lupe Velez – “You Must Remember This” Podcast


“You Must Remember This” is the podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Lupe Velez is featured in the above-linked episode. Grab a coffee and take a listen.

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Lupe Velez…Debunking the “Big Lie”

This morning I was made aware of the below linked YouTube video from one of the people involved in the channel who produced it. Thank you to Travis Monroe Neese and the whole team at the Hidden Hollywood YouTube channel for featuring Lupe Velez on today’s episode.

My book, which fully, and unequivocally debunked Lupe’s, “died with her head in the toilet” myth takes centre stage in today’s episode, and the truth is told. The lies are slowly being unraveled.

Lupe’s death, and the “big lie” that had legs, for decades, made Lupe’s untimely and tragic passing the punchline to many jokes. I am really proud that I could unravel the truth, bury the lie, and get the real story told. It’s about time.

The clip below is well worth a listen. There are more episodes on other Hollywood stars too. Looks like an interesting channel for old Hollywood and classic movie buffs. Be sure to follow it. Enjoy!

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Lupe Velez Bio, Movie Option Now Expired…New Enquiries Considered

UPDATE: The option on my Lupe Velez bio has now expired. Unfortunately, movie projects come and go all the time, and this appears to be one of those times. This means my bio (see cover pic below) is now available for option, as are any of my books. If interested, please contact me at > mvozus@gmail.com

Vogel LUPE Cover

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This is NOT Lupe Velez!

As you all know, I spent three years of my life (full time) researching and writing about the life, career and death of Lupe Velez. Unraveling the myths and lies was like navigating a spider web. It was an exhausting process.

Anyway, I was shown this supposed “suicide scene” photo a couple of months back and I told the people who wrote me that it was not Lupe. I knew it as soon as I saw it. At the time, all I saw was the face. In the Huffington Post article below, the entire photo is now published. Well, it wasn’t her on the close up and it’s NOT her on the long shot either.

Aside from this woman not being Mexican, her legs are far too long and too heavy to be Lupe Velez. Her feet are also too big. Even though she’s lying on the floor, you can easily tell that this woman is taller than five feet. Lupe was wearing the handmade nail ring when she died. Where is it on this woman?

Lupe took the Seconal and went to bed. Did she wear her shoes to bed, or did she get out of bed, put on her heels and then collapse and die? This woman is wearing heels! She was never in bed!

Additionally, the feet are upright in this photo, a conscious choice from anyone who is alive and lying on their backs, but not the way feet “sit” once someone has died. They would be splayed to either side, not stiff and side-by-side in an upright position, and in slip on shoes that are perfectly sitting on her feet.

I don’t care what facial recognition process has been done to supposedly “authenticate” this photo, it’s wrong, and it’s just as damaging as Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon trash. Yet another myth has been created…and for what? To sell a book, of course!



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Foreign Rights Agent For Lupe Velez Bio Wanted

With my upcoming Lupe Velez bio just months away from publication, I am seeking a literary agent who deals in foreign rights. I’m particularly interested in a Spanish translation.

If you can help, please contact me at – mvozus@gmail.com

About the Book:

Here is the first extensive, full-length biography and career record on the life and work of Mexican whirlwind Lupe Velez (1908-1944). Over the years many crude myths have surfaced about Velez, the most notorious that she “died with her head in the toilet.” This biography not only studies Lupe’s personal life and career–including her tempestuous marriage to Johnny Weissmuller–but also examines her death in detail. It has been almost seven decades since her untimely end; at long last, the ugly rumors and myths are debunked–for good.

Included are never-before-told family stories and photographs from Lupe’s second cousin, and an analysis of the actress’s lasting influence on popular culture. The foreword by Oscar-winning film historian Kevin Brownlow focuses on the fact and fancy behind Lupe Velez’s colorful public image.

Contact Michelle Vogel – mvozus@gmail.com

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A Few New Coming Attraction Slides

As many of you know, we collect coming attraction slides. Here’s three new ones, two Olive Borden’s and one Lupe Velez with Douglas Fairbanks, in The Gaucho.

If anyone reading this post has coming attraction slides for sale, please contact me – mvozus@gmail.com.


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An Announcement that Shocked the World…

*Her age is given as thirty-three. This is incorrect. She was actually thirty-six.

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My Latest Book Project…

A few days ago I posted a bit of a tease about my latest book project.

While my Lupe Velez book is still in the production stages, I await proofs and must compile an index before publication. There’s still several months work to do before my Lupe Velez biography will be available for sale. That said, pre orders are now being taken via Amazon and my publisher, McFarland. 

Pre-Order My Lupe Velez Book HERE

Now, back to my latest project.

Next year (2012) will be the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe. Hard to believe she’s been gone that long! Despite dying a decade before I was born, I think many people would agree that there’s something about Marilyn Monroe that holds a mystical fascination.

Was it her roller coaster life? Her acting? Her beauty? Her mysterious death?

Whatever it is, and it’s most probably a combination of all of the above, with each new generation her legacy seems to strengthen each and every year. While hundreds of books have been written about Marilyn Monroe over the years, there isn’t a comprehensive guide to her films currently in print. And, that’s where I come in.

Drum roll…my newest book project is…

“The Films of Marilyn Monroe” 

The book will primarily concentrate on her career. The scandal and drama-filled areas of her life will be left to the various other authors who care to explore those aspects of her life. In my opinion, her life has been analyzed to death and I don’t want to go there, at least not in great detail. My book will be a study of her work. 

I have a number of fantastic sources who are already uncovering contemporary information about the production side of each of her films, I’ll also include cast and crew lists, behind the scenes info, a number of reviews and a synopsis for each film. I would like to format it so that each film has its own chapter. An easy-to-read guide, starting from her earliest release first. 

If anyone reading this post has worked with Marilyn Monroe, I would love to hear from you. First hand accounts are very important, however, this far down the line, they’re not easy to come across.

I can be contacted directly at – mvozus@gmail.com.


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My Lupe Vélez Book – Now Available for Pre Order Via Amazon….

*A tentative release date of January 30th, 2012 has been set!

Order Here


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