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WANTED: Glass Movie Slides; Coming Attraction Advertising of a Bygone Era

Posted below is a link to a collection of glass movie slides, or coming attraction slides, as they are also known. Pre movie trailers, these hand painted glass slides  were projected onto the movie screen to show audiences what to expect in theatres in the coming weeks.

As with movie posters, this was a form of disposable advertising. Paper and glass, if not treated properly, won’t stand the test of time, however, many of these coming attraction slides HAVE survived, and it’s an area of collecting that I (and my husband) enjoy.

To say we’re a bit addicted, is an understatement! You see, we started off collecting Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle slides only. Then it went into silent comedy slides only. It then branched out into any silent film…and now, we’ve opened ourselves up to the horror of every film ever produced, yes, that’s right, we’ve crossed into sound films too – GULP! 🙂

So, if YOU happen to have any glass movie slides that you’re wanting to sell, or if you know of anyone selling a collection, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

E-mail me at –

For an example of these beauties, check out the link that I’ve posted below. You can click thru each page (there are six pages in all) to see the entire collection. Additionally, if you click on a particular slide, it will also enlarge.

Enjoy the show!

Coming Attraction Slides


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Awards Season! WOO HOO!!!

Are YOU watching the SAG Awards tonight?!


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Jeffrey Hunter Book by Paul Green – Please Sign the Below Petition to Show Your Support!

My friend, and fellow author, Paul Green has spent the past year writing the definitive life and career study of actor, Jeffrey Hunter. However, there is now a threatened legal dispute and the book is in limbo until an agreement is made. The book was completed in time for the Halloween 2011 deadline, but due to this hiccup, unfortunately, it’s now on hold. Paul is hoping a resolution can be made in the near future, but until that time, please take a few seconds of your time to sign the below petition to show your support for Paul Green’s work.

Thank you! 🙂

Petition Link HERE

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“Gene Tierney: A Biography” in Paperback – $25 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Just a reminder that my book Gene Tierney: A Biography has recently been released in paperback. As a result, the price has decreased too. For $25, with free shipping (within the U.S.), it’ll be delivered to your door via in just a matter of days. See link below to purchase.


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An Announcement that Shocked the World…

*Her age is given as thirty-three. This is incorrect. She was actually thirty-six.

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“Hugo” and “The Artist” Lead Oscar Nominations!

Two new films, both paying homage to old Hollywood lead this years Oscar nominations.

Hugo is up for eleven awards, while The Artist is up for ten.

Additionally, Michelle Williams has been nominated for “Best Actress in a Lead Role” for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.

Article Here

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Upcoming “Citizen Kane” Screening Will Have Hearst Rolling in his Grave!

Article Here


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Scorsese’s “Hugo” is a loving tribute to early film…

 Hugo is a refreshingly accurate tale of fact and fiction, all woven together with artful cinematography and an enthralling story with characters of depth. Sadly, it’s a combination too often missed in modern film. However, when it comes to a Martin Scorsese production, it’s a quality we’ve come to expect. As usual, he doesn’t disappoint.

Put simply – Hugo is a modern-day masterpiece.

It’s no secret that Martin Scorsese has long been affiliated with the preservation of silent film and it was an absolute delight to watch him weave his love of early cinema throughout his latest production. He’s one of the few people left in Hollywood today who actually “gets it”. He gets the fact that he does what he does BECAUSE so many brilliant artists and filmmakers paved the way before him. He gets the fact that it’s important to acknowledge Hollywood’s history and he works tirelessly to restore what’s left of it for future generations.

Any award bestowed upon Hugo this awards season is well deserved.

If you’re a fan of silent film, see Hugo on a big screen before it’s too late. It’s a rare treat and you won’t regret it.

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Hollywood’s “Top Dog” – Rin Tin Tin…

Article Here



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Marilyn Monroe – Naked…

Most of you are well aware that I’m currently writing a “films of” Marilyn Monroe book for McFarland, and in doing my research, I came across the below photograph this afternoon. I’ve never seen it before. Though Monroe was known for some risque photos in her time (her bare breasts and behind were photographed often), this obvious early shot of her, with nipple and clear pubic exposure, is pretty darn raunchy. Thoughts?

Below photo: See the suspicious bulge on the inner leg.


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