Scorsese’s “Hugo” is a loving tribute to early film…

 Hugo is a refreshingly accurate tale of fact and fiction, all woven together with artful cinematography and an enthralling story with characters of depth. Sadly, it’s a combination too often missed in modern film. However, when it comes to a Martin Scorsese production, it’s a quality we’ve come to expect. As usual, he doesn’t disappoint.

Put simply – Hugo is a modern-day masterpiece.

It’s no secret that Martin Scorsese has long been affiliated with the preservation of silent film and it was an absolute delight to watch him weave his love of early cinema throughout his latest production. He’s one of the few people left in Hollywood today who actually “gets it”. He gets the fact that he does what he does BECAUSE so many brilliant artists and filmmakers paved the way before him. He gets the fact that it’s important to acknowledge Hollywood’s history and he works tirelessly to restore what’s left of it for future generations.

Any award bestowed upon Hugo this awards season is well deserved.

If you’re a fan of silent film, see Hugo on a big screen before it’s too late. It’s a rare treat and you won’t regret it.


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