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A Bit Of Lupe Velez Promotion From TCM…

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NOTE: Ordering the book directly from the publisher will ensure that you get it as soon as it’s released. If you order the book from Amazon, there’ll be a delay because the publisher has to ship the books to Amazon’s fulfillment centre and THEN they ship their pre orders from there.

So, if you want the book as soon as it’s released, without delays, order directly from McFarland.

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“The Artist” Continues To Shine…

Another Glowing Review Here


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Cheetah the Chimp Dies at 80!

Another one of the Hollywood greats has passed away…RIP Cheetah!

Article Here


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“The Cop and the Anthem” by O. Henry…and featuring Marilyn Monroe

The 1952 film, O. Henry’s Full House featured five short stories, all penned by O. Henry. “The Cop and the Anthem” starred Charles Laughton as a kindly hobo trying his best to get arrested and tossed into a warm jail cell. Incarceration is more pleasant than a harsh New York winter on a park bench. As with most O. Henry tales, there’s a twist to this one too…Marilyn Monroe is featured (about the ten minute mark), albeit for a minute and a half. Watch below.


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Merry Christmas!

A BIG thank you for all your support and wonderful comments throughout the past year…

 Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2012 to you all!

Please…drive carefully and stay safe 🙂


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Olive Borden is NOT Sybil Tinkle…the Myth Explained….

While my book on Olive Borden goes into detail about one of Hollywood’s most bizarre cases of mistaken identity, for those of you who know nothing about this fascinating story, have a read of the following blog post from my friend and fellow author, Michael Ankerich. He provided the photos of Sybil Tinkle for my book and he’s been a longtime supporter of all things Ollie B 🙂

Olive Borden is NOT Sybil Tinkle Article

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Only 24 Hours Left on the $3.99 “Gene Tierney: A Biography” E-book Sale!

There’s only 24 hours left to get my book, Gene Tierney: A Biography as an e-book for the super bargain price of $3.99!

After that, it’s back to normal price. Be quick! It won’t be this price again for a looooong time.

December 23rd is the FINAL sale day!!!!



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***”Gene Tierney: A Biography” on Kindle – ON SALE for $3.99***

For one week only…December 17-23. Get it while it’s CHEAP!

*Update – Thanks to the sale, the e-book got to number FIVE in the “movie category” on Amazon today. SO HAPPY 🙂 Thanks to everyone who bought the book. For those of you who haven’t bought it yet, you still have SIX days to get it for the bargain price of $3.99…the cost of a coffee! You can’t go wrong! After that, it’s back to full price.

*Second Update (December 19): It’s at #3 now…

Link to Buy Here


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Robert Wagner Makes First Public Appearance Since Re-Investigation Into Natalie Wood’s Death…

Article Here


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Wanna Buy Elizabeth Montgomery’s House? It’s On The Market!

Article Here

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