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Nieces And/Or Nephews of Lupe Velez – Where Are You?

Are you related to Lupe Velez? If so, I’d love to hear from you –

At the time of Lupe’s death, she had several nieces and nephews. If still alive, they’d be in their 70’s now…



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Olive Borden Made the Top Ten Silent Film Books for 2010!

See List HERE



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Watch Lupe Velez in KONGO!

The COMPLETE movie (KONGO – 1932) is currently running on YouTube in ELEVEN parts, NOT nine as the person who uploaded it originally states. Part one and two are below…jump over to YOUTUBE for the remainder of the movie. Grab some popcorn – Enjoy!




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Hell Harbor on DVD – February 1, 2011!

I’m thrilled to announce the imminent release of Hell Harbor on DVD, in not one but TWO versions! The link for pre ordering is below the DVD cover image on this page. I only hope this is the start of more Lupe Velez movies being released on DVD. Most of her films exist in some form via private collectors, however, commercial releases are LONG overdue!

I’ve seen Hell Harbor. It’s a gritty, entertaining pre-code film. Lupe is very good in it. Well done to VCI Entertainment for getting this one out.

Let this be the beginning of a Lupe-thon!


Buy Here


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Superman – The Liquidation Sale!

A massive collection going under the hammer in a week’s time…including the Superman costume that George Reeves wore. See story below:


January 22 Auction Day



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How Much Is A Name?

Apparently, $50 million, if it happens to be – MARILYN MONROE!

Story HERE


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Gene Tierney: A Biography Paperback On Sale!

Get it while the sale lasts! My newest soft cover edition of “Gene Tierney: A Biography” has just been released and Amazon have it discounted to $28.11! That’s almost $10 saved off the RRP.


Buy it HERE


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Zsa Zsa…

While Zsa Zsa Gabor has had a rough time of it recently, defying death on more than one occasion, as per usual the sympathetic articles have been rampant. I’ve always found it weird how old age and death wipes away years of wrongdoings and mistreatment of others.

After all, how many funerals have you attended where the eulogy has revealed exactly how rotten the deceased was in life? NONE! In death, everyone is an angel and will be sadly missed…Yada, yada, yada…

The following Zsa Zsa story reveals what her younger self was REALLY like, read it without thoughts of a frail woman in a wheelchair.

Working For Zsa Zsa Article HERE



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Liz and Frank…And Baby Makes Three – Well, Almost!


Read Story HERE

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Toto Needs A Monument!

Here’s the story: Toto (aka Terry), the little FEMALE Cairn Terrier most famous for her role in “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) was living on the ranch of her trainer/owner Carl Spitz, in the Studio City area of Los Angeles. In 1945 Toto died (she was roughly 10 or 11 years of age) and was buried on the ranch property. In 1958 there was a knock at the door from the State of California. They took the ranch property to build the Ventura freeway. The grave site of Toto was destroyed to build the freeway. Consequently there is no plaque or marker for probably the most famous dog in the world. A number of events are currently being planned to raise money for Toto’s memorial marker.


Please watch the video below for more information:


Facebook page HERE


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