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Kirk Douglas at The Oscars…Classic or Cringeworthy?

While I absolutely love it when The Oscar ceremony pays homage to “old Hollywood,” did producers go a little too far with the old Hollywood this year by bringing on Kirk Douglas to present? At 94, he’s one of the last of the Hollywood greats, but I felt tonight’s appearance was very reminiscent of “Dick Clark on New Years Eve” at times.

Classic or Cringeworthy?


Kirk Douglas at The Oscars



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Faye Dunaway…the REAL “Mommie Dearest,” At Least According To Flight Attendants!


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Elizabeth Taylor – Hospitalized!


For decades, Liz Taylor has endured one health crisis after the other, and bounced back, but this latest health scare seems very serious. At 78 years of age, you have to wonder if she’s capable of coming back from this one. Let’s hope so!


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Do You Have A Favorite Movie/TV Car? Well, Good Chance YOU Can Now Own It!

A sale featuring the biggest individual collection of movie and TV cars is happening soon.

See link for more details…

Movie Cars For Sale



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It’s Do-Over Time…This time with Three Jerry Lewis Classics!


…And with Jerry watching them every step of the way, they may even be watchable!





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Open Letter to Roselyn Sanchez Regarding Lupe Vélez Bio-Pic…

Dear Ms. Sanchez,

It has come to my attention that you’re interested in playing Lupe Vélez in a bio-pic dedicated to her life and career. As the author of “Lupe Velez: The Life and Career of Hollywood’s ‘Mexican Spitfire,'” I do hope you seek out my book before undertaking such a complicated, too often misunderstood, subject. I’ve uncovered a lot of amazingly detailed information about Lupe’s life, as well as family photographs (donated by her family), never before published. Her early days in Mexico are extensively covered, as is her death, which brings me to the final scene…

Lupe Vélez did not die with her head in the toilet!

She was found in her bed, just as she intended. I have proof of this and it will all be explained in my book. Please, PLEASE don’t keep this myth going by ending your film in this way. Lupe’s death was tragic and dramatic enough without this sordid fictional embellishment. If you would like more information about my book (scheduled for release early 2012), you may contact me directly @ – or alternatively, @ my publisher, McFarland.


Michelle Vogel.

Lupe Vélez in La zandunga.


Roselyn Sanchez. Will she play Lupe Vélez?


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