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*Breaking News* Lupe Velez Bio-Pic Starring Ana De La Reguera Just Announced!

This just in…

The below link announces an upcoming Lupe Velez biopic starring beautiful Mexican actress, Ana De La Reguera. My Lupe Velez book is mentioned twice within the relatively short article, but I’m yet to hear from producers of the film. As far as I know, my publisher hasn’t heard from them either.

It’s early days yet, but with the film already announced I do hope they do the right thing by Lupe Velez (and myself) by utilizing my years of research to tell her story the way it should be told. However, that would mean buying the film rights to my book. Again, I’ve heard nothing from producers.

Ana De La Reguera follows me on Twitter so she’s aware of my book. I’ve sent her a direct message to find out more information. We’ll see what happens…

Article HERE


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Alfred Hitchock was “The Master”…of PROMOTION!

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Foreign Rights Agent For Lupe Velez Bio Wanted

With my upcoming Lupe Velez bio just months away from publication, I am seeking a literary agent who deals in foreign rights. I’m particularly interested in a Spanish translation.

If you can help, please contact me at –

About the Book:

Here is the first extensive, full-length biography and career record on the life and work of Mexican whirlwind Lupe Velez (1908-1944). Over the years many crude myths have surfaced about Velez, the most notorious that she “died with her head in the toilet.” This biography not only studies Lupe’s personal life and career–including her tempestuous marriage to Johnny Weissmuller–but also examines her death in detail. It has been almost seven decades since her untimely end; at long last, the ugly rumors and myths are debunked–for good.

Included are never-before-told family stories and photographs from Lupe’s second cousin, and an analysis of the actress’s lasting influence on popular culture. The foreword by Oscar-winning film historian Kevin Brownlow focuses on the fact and fancy behind Lupe Velez’s colorful public image.

Contact Michelle Vogel –

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New Mae Murray Biography Coming SOON!

My friend and fellow author, Michael Ankerich has an exciting new project in the wind, a thoroughly researched biography on the life and career of Mae Murray.

Mae Murray: The Girl With The Bee-Stung Lips will be available November 2012!

See Michael’s blog link below for more details on Mae Murray…and his other books.

More Info HERE


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Hopkins As Hitchcock…First Look!

A first look at Anthony Hopkins made up to resemble Alfred Hitchcock, for the upcoming film Hitchcock, currently in production. He’s certainly visually believable and I’m sure he’ll do a fantastic job playing the master of suspense.

Article HERE


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Marilyn Monroe’s Gall Bladder Scar…Untouched Bert Stern Photos

Many of the photos in the below link are familiar to Marilyn Monroe fans, but have you seen the untouched versions? A few weeks before photographer, Bert Stern, photographed Monroe for “The Last Sitting,” she had gall bladder surgery. As you will see, the scar in the untouched photos is still very fresh. Marilyn Monroe with a physical imperfection? It’s a rare thought, one that is not often mused in the same sentence.

More Photos HERE

Article HERE


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Marilyn by Magnum – New Book

Article HERE

Pre Order The Book HERE

The below photo might be the one that is being spoken about in the comments section. This was taken much later. Though it does involve a pink scarf 🙂


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The Jimmy Stewart Museum…and Ava Gardner’s Plight Too!

A little while ago I posted about the Jimmy Stewart Museum needing donations to remain open and viable. Of course, it still needs a helping hand and I hope that donations keep on coming. It would be a real tragedy to see such a wonderful collection sold off to private collectors. Speaking of which…

Just about everyone has heard about the Debbie Reynolds auction. Her vast and very impressive collection of movie memorabilia was originally collected to start a Hollywood museum. Unfortunately, this never happened, however I was very saddened to read this paragraph (towards the end of the article that I’ll be posting below) about her reaction to a genuine request from the Ava Gardener museum.

The museum’s slim operating budget — about $115,000 — is supplemented by sales from a small gift shop whose items range from magnets and movies to jars of Ava Gardner brand pickled asparagus and okra. Given those financial constraints, it will be a stretch for the museum’s directors to realize their dream of acquiring two of Ms. Gardner’s costumes — a dress she wore in “Showboat” and a safari suit from “Mogambo” — which are expected to be sold at auction this year by Debbie Reynolds, the very much alive Hollywood legend. For decades Ms. Reynolds amassed a collection of movie memorabilia and twice tried unsuccessfully to establish her own museum. This year she began selling much of her cache. “We went to Debbie Reynolds,” Ms. Bailey-Taylor said, “and asked: ‘Wouldn’t you like to loan them to us? We promise to take good care of them.’ She said no. Then we asked if she would sell them to us privately so we didn’t have to compete with collectors with much deeper pockets. But that wasn’t possible either. So we’re going to have to bid at the auction.”

Movie Star Museums

Now, here’s a woman who supposedly is broken-hearted that HER idea of a museum honoring Hollywood and its costumes and props never came to fruition, however, she’ll deny the Ava Gardner museum their chance to acquire the two costumes without competing with private bidders. Hell, Ms. Reynolds could have given them to the Ava Gardner museum. Would it have really hurt her THAT much to do so? After all, these TWO costumes would be going to a place where they’d be displayed for the public to enjoy, a place similar to the one  that she supposedly wanted to create herself. Now I’m skeptical…it seems Ms. Reynolds’ “dream” was always all about the money…and still is!

Read All About The Ava Gardener Costumes HERE


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“The Misfits” (1961) Poster – U.S. One Sheet vs. Spanish One Sheet – No Comparison!

The U.S. and Spanish versions of The Misfits poster are as different as night and day.

The first image below is the 1961 U.S. one sheet. A black and white poster that does nothing for me. However, the Spanish one sheet is spot on. Beautiful colors and graphics and Gable and Monroe are strongly featured.

I would LOVE to own the Spanish one sheet for this film. There’s currently one 8 x 10 Spanish herald with the same graphics on eBay at the moment but I’ll hold out for the original one sheet.

If anyone knows of one for sale, please let me know!


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Was Mae West…A Man?!

Over the years there have been many rumors about Mae West, but the most bizarre rumour has to be that SHE…was really a HE!

Years ago, I read an article about the “real” Mae, who was indeed a woman. It stated that she died in the early-1950’s, yet reports popped up that her brother had died instead. Then, HE took over the whole Mae West persona.

At this time, apparently, there was a noticeable switch in Mae’s appearance. Personally, I never found her feminine, but as the story goes, this brother who became his famous sister in order to carry on the legacy had some manly features that couldn’t be disguised, like an Adam’s apple and much larger hands.

The closest online confirmation of this story that I could find comes from a submission to the Find-a-death website. Though this wasn’t where I originally read the theory, the Find-a-death contributor said:

…the real Mae West died somewhere around 1950, give or take a couple years, and rather than let the show stop, it was announced that not Mae, but her brother, died. Of course, the brother then became Mae West and carried on until November 1980. If you look
carefully at photos from around 1950 on it definitely looks like a different person not to mention the big hands and masculine features, bone structure, etc. I may not have all the details 100% correct but I would almost put money on the fact that the ‘Mae West’ ‘who died in 1980 had a weenie!!

Additionally, Raquel Welch, who worked with Mae West on the film, Myra Breckinridge thought there was something suspect about Mae West too. Yep, Welch also thought she was a man! In fact, she said she looked like “A Dock Worker In Drag!” LOL!

Article Here

Above: Mae West in later years. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “She has MAN HANDS!”

Below: A screen grab about Dinah East…and the “secret” to be revealed upon Mae’s death!


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