Hopkins As Hitchcock…First Look!

A first look at Anthony Hopkins made up to resemble Alfred Hitchcock, for the upcoming film Hitchcock, currently in production. He’s certainly visually believable and I’m sure he’ll do a fantastic job playing the master of suspense.

Article HERE


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3 responses to “Hopkins As Hitchcock…First Look!

  1. PGreen

    Something about this photo depresses me. Don’t know why exactly. Maybe Hopkins reminds me of a very strict headmaster.

  2. PGreen

    For those who might be in London this July the BFI has announced the following : “The British Film Institute has revealed details of its celebration of film-maker Alfred Hitchcock, which includes restorations of his silent movies.

    Champagne and Blackmail, which were directed by the British master of suspense during the late 1920s, will be shown with live musical accompaniment.

    A three-month long season will also see all 58 of his films – including Psycho, Vertigo and The Birds – screened. Tipp Hedren will be in attendance.”

  3. Moderator

    Gee, that’s a huge undertaking, Paul. A career-long festival. Thanks for posting this info.

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