New Mae Murray Biography Coming SOON!

My friend and fellow author, Michael Ankerich has an exciting new project in the wind, a thoroughly researched biography on the life and career of Mae Murray.

Mae Murray: The Girl With The Bee-Stung Lips will be available November 2012!

See Michael’s blog link below for more details on Mae Murray…and his other books.

More Info HERE


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4 responses to “New Mae Murray Biography Coming SOON!

  1. betty1114

    As I have all of Michael Ankerich’s books the news of his latest makes my Thanksgiving holiday brighter. I await this book with eager anticipation as i do your Lupe Velez book.

  2. Moderator

    Thanks, Betty. Yes, Michael is a fantastic writer and researcher. Kevin Brownlow wrote the foreword for both of us 🙂

  3. And both of you are fortunate to have Kevin Brownlow write your forewords. Michelle, I am seriously am looking forward to your Lupe book. Is the publishing date still set for the month of June?

  4. Moderator

    We are, Betty. The proofs still aren’t with me…I was told yesterday they’re two weeks away…groan! The June 30th release date won’t stand…most likely sometime in July, possibly August now.

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