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Happy 103rd Birthday, Lupe…Wherever You May Be!

Today, July 18th, 2011, would have been the 103rd birthday of Lupe Vélez. It’s been sixty-seven years since her self-inflicted death at age thirty-six. A Hollywood tragedy. So unexpected. So heartbreaking. A light that was snuffed out way too early…

Almost seventy years on from her passing and the world is STILL talking about her. Next year, at the time of my book’s release, I hope even more people are talking, only this time, I hope they’ll be talking about what REALLY happened to her on that fateful December morning in 1944. No more “died with her head in the toilet” stories…the truth is there to be told and I’ve told it. Besides, her “life” story was so much more than her death. Oh, what a life!!!

I will most certainly keep everyone posted on any updates, a cover, a confirmed title, etc., as news comes to hand.

For now, remember Lupe Vélez on her birthday…

Happy Birthday, Lupe x


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