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A Mexican Spitfire Threesome…And A Little About Marion Martin.

Posted below: A wonderful photo of (l to r) Marion Martin, Leon Errol and Lupe Vélez, from the ever popular Mexican Spitfire series.

Marion Martin appeared in THREE of the films, one in 1941 (Mexican Spitfire’s Baby) and the other two in 1942 (Mexican Spitfire at Sea and Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant). She played different characters (Fifi and Diana) in two of the three installments.

Typically, her career followed the “dumb-blonde” and/or “loose woman” path, yet off screen she was an intelligent, relatively conservative, reserved lady. Though her Hollywood career (mostly B-films) ended in the early-fifties, she went on to happily marry and she threw herself into a variety of charitable causes.

Marion Martin died on August 13, 1985. She was 76 years old.

Marion Martin @ Find A Grave

           Above: Marion Martin and Leon Errol in a scene still for Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant (1942).


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