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Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper – Closer Weekly Article

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Lupe Velez – “You Must Remember This” Podcast

“You Must Remember This” is the podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Lupe Velez is featured in the above-linked episode. Grab a coffee and take a listen.

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Lupe Velez…Debunking the “Big Lie”

This morning I was made aware of the below linked YouTube video from one of the people involved in the channel who produced it. Thank you to Travis Monroe Neese and the whole team at the Hidden Hollywood YouTube channel for featuring Lupe Velez on today’s episode.

My book, which fully, and unequivocally debunked Lupe’s, “died with her head in the toilet” myth takes centre stage in today’s episode, and the truth is told. The lies are slowly being unraveled.

Lupe’s death, and the “big lie” that had legs, for decades, made Lupe’s untimely and tragic passing the punchline to many jokes. I am really proud that I could unravel the truth, bury the lie, and get the real story told. It’s about time.

The clip below is well worth a listen. There are more episodes on other Hollywood stars too. Looks like an interesting channel for old Hollywood and classic movie buffs. Be sure to follow it. Enjoy!

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Wait…I’ve Seen That Somewhere Before! Hollywood’s Groundhog Day Rut!

Originality is dead! Looks like the Hollywood remake is here to stay…


Films in the pipeline…

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Finding the REEL Thing! A Treasure Trove of Lost Films Found at UK Recycling Centre!


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Love Story Re-Visited…

Forty-five years ago, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw fell in love on screen in Love Story. Now, almost five decades on, they get the opportunity to re-ignite their love in A.R. Gurney’s play, Love Letters.

O’Neal is now 74 years old, MacGraw is two years his senior at 76 years. By their own admission, they’ve never had a bad word and the chemistry is still there, which bodes well for a successful, sell-out run. This hotly-anticipated stage reunion is long overdue. Their journey begins (or continues) with eight performances at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, and more dates are being added to the 12 weeks already booked.

More here…

If you see the show, let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Above: The lovebirds – then!



Above: The lovebirds – now!

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One Million Dollar Reward Offered For Stolen Ruby Slippers!

Only four pair of those famous ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” are known to exist, and one of those pairs was stolen nearly a decade ago. Where are they? Who knows! However, a pretty sweet one million dollar reward has now been offered for information leading to their return. While the famous footwear, probably the most well-known piece of Hollywood memorabilia ever, was insured for one million at the time of the theft, estimates are now putting them at a worth of between three-to-four million! In all likelihood, they’ve been exchanged on the black market. Will a million dollar temptation be enough to get someone to tell?


More info here >


CORRECTS TO U.S. DOLLARS, NOT CANADIAN DOLLARS - FILE - This April 10, 1996 file photo shows one of the four pairs of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 film

CORRECTS TO U.S. DOLLARS, NOT CANADIAN DOLLARS – FILE – This April 10, 1996 file photo shows one of the four pairs of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” on display during a media tour of the “America’s Smithsonian” traveling exhibition in Kansas City, Mo. An anonymous donor has offered a $1 million reward for credible information leading to a pair of the sequined shoes which was stolen from a museum in her Minnesota hometown, Grand Rapids. The 10-year anniversary of the theft is in August 2015. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)hollywood-costume-dorothy-ruby-slippers

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When “The Queen of Hollywood” Met “The Queen”…You Know, the Authentic English One…

Love the side glance from Joan Crawford! The GIF below the actual video footage (at the link below) is too good not to post here. Aside from that, we get to see Marilyn doing the perfect courtesy in a very tight dress. Only she could pull off that move!


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Olive Thomas…Back on Broadway! Well, Kind Of….

Thank you so much to Christopher Kulik for making me aware of this fabulous new show dedicated to Olive Thomas and The Midnight Frolic! Of course, this all happens after I’ve moved back to Australia! 😦 After living in New York for nine years and writing the first full-length biography about the life of Olive Thomas, the trickle effect continues, which thrills me no end! Any time Olive’s name and story gets out there to the masses, it’s fine by me! Olive would be so proud to be back on BROADWAY! 🙂


If anyone goes to this show, I’d LOVE to see your photos and hear all about it!

For more info… or

There’s an almost half price discount for this weekend’s shows via the Speakeasy Dollhouse Facebook page –

To purchase my book on the life and career of Olive Thomas…


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Was Clark Gable a RAPIST????

According to new reports, Clark Gable, the so-called “King of Hollywood”, date-raped, Loretta Young, producing their illegitimate daughter, the late Judy Lewis! These startling revelations come from Young’s daughter-in-law, Linda Lewis. It’s been a family secret for decades, and not something that Judy Lewis ever knew about, which is probably for the best! Judy Lewis came to know about her paternity in her early-twenties. Her resemblance to Gable was uncanny, and while she eventually knew he was her biological father, she died not knowing the truth about her conception. It was a family secret, buried to protect Judy Lewis, thus avoiding the hurt and further scandal that would come from such a shocking revelation.

More at the link…


Above: Clark Gable and Loretta Young


Above: Clark Gable and his daughter, Judy Lewis.


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