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French Stewart to Play Buster Keaton in New Stage Play!

I absolutely LOVE French Stewart so I was thrilled to learn that he’ll be portraying Buster Keaton in a new play about his life and career. The comedic physicality that Stewart showed as the kooky alien, “Harry” in 3rd Rock From the Sun should have propelled him to a whole other level of acting post-3rd Rock. Instead, as with most iconic roles, he was typecast as “the guy that used to play that alien dude with the squinty eyes.” Now, finally, Stewart steps out from the shadow of “Harry” and into a role that he was born to play.

Good luck to all involved in Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton.

Limited Run Tickets Are Only $25


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Marilyn Monroe Film Festival – June 1-7, 2012

Starting on Marilyn Monroe’s birthday (June 1), Grauman’s, in conjunction with Playboy, is running a week of her films and a $30 festival pass gets you in to see ALL of them. What a GREAT deal! Additionally, 10 per cent of all festival passes will go directly to Hollygrove, Marilyn Monroe’s orphanage.

On June 1, be sure to celebrate Marilyn’s birthday with one or two of her movies. Even if you’re NOT attending the below event, invite some friends over and organize your own MM festival, right there in your living room!

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Mary Pickford Biopic Announced! Based on Eileen Whitfield’s Biography “Pickford: The Woman Who Made Hollywood.”

I was really excited to learn that Eileen Whitfield’s wonderful biography on the life and career of Mary Pickford has been bought by Poverty Row Entertainment for an upcoming biopic. Pickford was a woman ahead of her time, she had an amazing life and career and she deserves to have her story told on screen.

Of course, the benchmark film in this genre is Chaplin (1992), starring Robert Downey Jr. One of the best biopics ever made!

Congratulations to everyone involved!


Actress, Jill Clayburgh and playwright, David Rabe’s daughter, Lily Rabe (above) will play Mary Pickford in the yet to be titled film.


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Marilyn Monroe Shops in New York


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Something’s Got To Give – Marilyn Monroe’s Last Film – The Pieced Together Footage

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Something’s Got To Give – The Pieced Together Footage – In Four Parts


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Something’s Got to Give…Marilyn Monroe’s Unfinished Film…The Outakes and Raw Footage!

Marilyn Monroe’s last film was never completed. She was fired, then rehired on her terms at a higher salary and a change in director. Filming of Something’s Got to Give was scheduled to restart in September/October 1962. On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed…at a cost of $2 million, there wasn’t enough footage to piece it together into anything releasable. It was, quite literally, a dead loss.

Whenever I see this footage I wonder what Something’s Got to Give would have been like had it been completed. Incidentally, the 1963 “remake,” Move Over, Darling, starring Doris Day and James Garner cost around $3.5 million to make and did very well at the box office, grossing $6 million.

In researching the film, it’s very apparent that Fox’s issues with Something’s Got to Give had little to do with Marilyn Monroe, and everything to do with the out of control budget on Cleopatra (costing over $45 million to complete). The bigwigs were scrambling to save the studio from bankruptcy, and scrambling to save face and regain some control. Since Cleopatra was being filmed overseas, they wielded the axe closer to home. Something’s Got to Give – gave, and Fox blamed Marilyn Monroe for the film being shut down. She was the scapegoat, an easy target. For years, she’d made millions for the studio as a contract player, and for the bulk of that time she was paid a ridiculously low salary. It meant nothing.

The below clips show various out takes and candid scenes that were filmed before Monroe’s firing, and subsequent death. At a little under an hour in length, it’s worth watching if you’re a fan of Marilyn Monroe. For a woman with so many problems, she had the most magnificent laugh, and she laughs a lot in the raw footage that I’ve posted below. Enjoy!


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