Something’s Got To Give – The Pieced Together Footage – In Four Parts


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2 responses to “Something’s Got To Give – The Pieced Together Footage – In Four Parts

  1. PGreen

    Yes now I understand the Wally Cox scenes in context Michelle. Thanks. I do find it strange that the dog scene took all day to shoot and ended up with a basic bark. There were other takes that were much better. Makes me wonder about George Cukor. The same with the scene with the boy at the pool. Cukor chose a take where Marilyn wasn’t connecting that well with the boy. Too many facial movements. There were other takes that were far more natural that he ditched. And the scene where’s shes talking to the boy and girl lost all the emotion Marilyn put into certain takes. It seems as if Cukor was feeding the public the sexpot image in preference to a more sophisticated Marilyn.

  2. Moderator

    Ahhh, well we can’t blame Cukor for the editing. That was a task taken on by editor, Tori Rodman for the 2001 documentary, Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days. Once filming shut down, the footage was shelved and that was that. Cukor didn’t string one scene of it together. I agree, there were better scenes than the ones used, but it seems Rodman used complete scenes rather than editing bits and pieces to get the best scene possible. Marilyn wasn’t happy with Cukor either. When she was rehired at a higher salary, she asked that Cukor be replace with Jean Negulesco. Of course, he never got a chance to work on the film because Marilyn died a month before filming was scheduled to restart.

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