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Marilyn’s Last Goodbye….53 Years Ago Today!


It’s hard to believe that, had she lived, Marilyn Monroe would be in her 89th year!

Director, Billy Wilder once described her as, “Cinderella…without the happy ending.” In just five words, there really is no better way of summing up her life.



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The Infamous “While I’m Still Warm…” Money Clip to Be Auctioned…Along With Lots More Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia From the Estate of Allan “Whitey” Snyder!

Allan “Whitey” Snyder was Marilyn’s longtime makeup artist…he did her post-mortem makeup, but before her death, Marilyn asked “Whitey” to promise her that he’d do her makeup if she died before him. He joked, “Sure, bring the body back while it is still warm and I’ll do it.” Marilyn appreciated the joke so much, she gifted him with a gold Tiffany money clip.

The inscription read: Whitey Dear – While I’m still warm – Marilyn.

Sadly, by early-August of 1962, it was a joking pact that “Whitey” made good on…though he carried out his promise to do Marilyn’s post-mortem makeup, he needed a flask of whiskey to get him through the emotionally traumatic  job.

With a starting bid of $3,000 and a sales estimate of $6,000 – $8,000, I have a feeling that this piece will go a lot higher than predicted. As of this writing, it already has a current bid of $4,000 and the auction doesn’t begin until March 31st.

Money Clip Auction Page HERE

Along with the money clip, there are many photos and letters from Snyder’s estate going under the hammer.

Article About the Auction HERE

Above photo: Snyder applies make up to Marilyn Monroe.


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Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photos – Graphic Content..Be Warned!

Since Whitney Houston’s body was seen lying in a casket…on the front cover of the latest issue of The National Enquirer, many people have expressed how distasteful it was to publish it, let alone splash it across the cover. But, as I’ve already said in my earlier post, it’s the family member or friend that has provided the magazine with this image – for money, who should be scolded. They sold her out. The tabloid is in the business to sell magazines. Millions buy the tabloids each week and they’ll pay big $$$ for an exclusive photo. That said, a photo of Whitney Houston in her casket…it’d be a name your price situation.

As shocking as Whitney’s image is, the death scene and autopsy photos of Marilyn Monroe are far, far worse. In her, we had the most beautiful, glamorous, vivacious, fun-loving soul that had ever graced Hollywood’s doorstep. A sex-symbol. And, at thirty-six…she too was dead. While I believe that Marilyn Monroe was murdered, as with Whitney Houston, drugs destroyed her.

Death is a part of life. But for the living, it’s often a difficult topic to discuss and come to terms with. Thankfully, when it’s “our time” to go, unlike these superstars, there’ll be no final photographs in death. No magazine covers. And, for the record, I’m good with that 🙂

The below photos show death in its rawest form…the death of Marilyn Monroe.

**WARNING: Graphic photographical content below***

Below: The death scene. Marilyn Monroe, naked and dead in her bed.

Below: Autopsy photo #1

Below: Autopsy photo #2

Below: Marilyn Monroe in her prime, full of life.


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