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“Blonde” on Netflix

Marilyn Monroe’s life needs no fictional embellishment. It was rags to riches, triumph and tragedy, and then there was the almost-Hollywood-like scripted, mysterious and untimely end. She was exploited in life, and far more so in death.

Her last taped interview with Richard Meryman was published in Life Magazine (August 3, 1962), one day before her death. At the conclusion of that interview, Marilyn said, “Please don’t make me look like a joke…” 

I feel that it’s so very important to honor those words, and that wish. It’s our duty to give her legacy something she explicitly asked for. It was as if she knew how she’d be portrayed in death, when she had no voice to fight back, because she fought so desperately hard, for everything, when she lived. Some sixty years on since her passing, we are still debating and deciphering the lies from the truth.

That said, it’s essential to remember that Blonde is not a biopic. It walks the precarious tightrope of artistic licence and historical fiction. 

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‘Blonde’ – A Netflix Film…Coming Soon!

I was recently interviewed by Grant Wong for his attached article on Marilyn Monroe. The new Netflix film – ‘Blonde’ – once again revisits the complexities of Marilyn’s life and career. Congrats to Grant on a very informative and well-written piece. I look forward to watching the film soon.

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Marilyn’s Last Goodbye….53 Years Ago Today!


It’s hard to believe that, had she lived, Marilyn Monroe would be in her 89th year!

Director, Billy Wilder once described her as, “Cinderella…without the happy ending.” In just five words, there really is no better way of summing up her life.



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Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Session Photographs For Sale!

A traveling tour and sale of 21 color separations and the original print of the only fine art nude photography session that Marilyn Monroe ever did is coming, Aug. 5-8, from LimitedRuns. In total, the collection is expected to net several million dollars, and will move on to New York, if unsold.

More here…http://www.sfweekly.com/exhibitionist/2015/07/20/who-wants-to-see-marilyn-monroes-only-fine-art-nude-photos


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Marilyn Monroe’s Grave Marker Breaks All Records…Expected to Sell for $2,000, it Sold For….

…over $200,000!!!


More here…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3143478/Marilyn-Monroe-s-grave-marker-fetches-212-000-auction-initial-estimate-just-2-000.html

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Marilyn Monroe’s Last Screen Worn Dress Auctioned!


 Monroe’s last screen worn dress from her last (incomplete) film, Something’s Got To Give, is up for auction! We all know the prices these pieces bring, no doubt, half a million is a conservative estimate!



Update: The dress sold for $348,000 USD!

See more info on the auction results at the link below…


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Exclusive First Look! My Marilyn Monroe Book Cover and Title…



June 13, 2013 · 2:07 am

Marilyn Monroe’s Gall Bladder Scar…Untouched Bert Stern Photos

Many of the photos in the below link are familiar to Marilyn Monroe fans, but have you seen the untouched versions? A few weeks before photographer, Bert Stern, photographed Monroe for “The Last Sitting,” she had gall bladder surgery. As you will see, the scar in the untouched photos is still very fresh. Marilyn Monroe with a physical imperfection? It’s a rare thought, one that is not often mused in the same sentence.

More Photos HERE

Article HERE


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Marilyn by Magnum – New Book

Article HERE

Pre Order The Book HERE

The below photo might be the one that is being spoken about in the comments section. This was taken much later. Though it does involve a pink scarf 🙂


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The Making of “The Misfits” – In Three Parts

The Misfits has long been one of my favorite films. Though it wasn’t received well by critics or the public upon its release, it has since become a cult classic, partly because it was the final film for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, but mostly because of the cast of characters that were created by Arthur Miller and directed by John Huston. At a cost of a little over $4 million, it was the most expensive black and white film to date.

I’m very excited to announce that Angela Allen, script supervisor on The Misfits, has kindly agreed to be interviewed for my upcoming book on “The Films of Marilyn Monroe”.

I highly recommend the three part video footage of the making of the film below. There was so much drama going on behind the scenes, it was a film unto itself!


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