Marilyn Monroe’s Gall Bladder Scar…Untouched Bert Stern Photos

Many of the photos in the below link are familiar to Marilyn Monroe fans, but have you seen the untouched versions? A few weeks before photographer, Bert Stern, photographed Monroe for “The Last Sitting,” she had gall bladder surgery. As you will see, the scar in the untouched photos is still very fresh. Marilyn Monroe with a physical imperfection? It’s a rare thought, one that is not often mused in the same sentence.

More Photos HERE

Article HERE



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5 responses to “Marilyn Monroe’s Gall Bladder Scar…Untouched Bert Stern Photos

  1. PGreen

    Kind of takes the sexy edge off the photo Michelle.

  2. Moderator

    Ahhh…that little dose of…reality 😉

  3. Erika

    I feel way better about naked myself.. Thank You 🙂
    Don’t worry I promise not to go flashing the local Bartenders because of it.

  4. Makayla

    I think it shows Marilyns inner beauty, and tells her fans and tells people in general that you can be beautiful and have imperfections all at the same time. It shows that everyone is not perfect.

  5. Disgusting how they used an enema to take her out ughhh

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