Marilyn by Magnum – New Book

Article HERE

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The below photo might be the one that is being spoken about in the comments section. This was taken much later. Though it does involve a pink scarf 🙂



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10 responses to “Marilyn by Magnum – New Book

  1. Diane

    Beautiful… just beautiful… I love the other photo in the article as well…

  2. Moderator

    All these years later and STILL new pictures emerge of her. I love the pink too.

  3. PGreen

    This pink see-through outfit is a photo first published in the Norman Mailer (if I recall correctly) book decades ago Michelle. It isn’t new. I remember it because she’s obviously naked. 🙂

  4. Moderator

    Magnum were the company who got the exclusive on set photos for The Misfits. I’m sure one or two in the series were published, but it seems they’ll bring out ALL shots and market them as “new,” especially this year to capitalize on the 50th anniversary of her death.

  5. PGreen

    Yes it’ll be interesting to see.

  6. Diane

    I need to dig out my copy of the Mailer book, Paul… it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it … I seem to remember some photos with a sheer scarf… but not a sheer dress…. will have to check it out… these photos are just lovely … look forward to the book.

  7. Moderator

    I added the photo to my original blog post, Diane, or at least one of them. This is probably the session Paul is referring to, right, Paul?

  8. PGreen

    No I was rerring to the photo at the top of this post Michelle. Taken when she was younger. Mailer’s book also has the see-through scarf photos from 1962 but not a pink scarf. This is new but obviously from 1962 given her weight. Probably the same photo session.

  9. Moderator

    Yeah, probably the same session.

  10. PGreen

    I sold my Mailer book a few years ago so I could be mistaken in thinking I saw the photo in his book. But I have seen it in one of my books. It is memorable. 🙂

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