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Maria Montez….The Queen of Technicolor, The Queen of Camp, The Caribbean Cyclone…Not the Greatest Actress; But She Was GREAT!

I am currently in the early research stages on my newest project, a biography/filmography on “The Queen of Technicolor” – Maria Montez.

While there have been two Spanish-language books written on Montez’s life and career, there’s yet to be a book written in English. Now’s the time. I have some wonderful resources and equally wonderful people, all over the world, helping with this new project.

I’m hoping some relatives of Maria will be found along the way, too. 

So, I will begin this creative process yet again…this time, following the path of Maria Montez, from her early days in the Dominican Republic…to Hollywood…and her early-death at age 39 (September 7, 1951) in Paris, France.

The journey begins now! Let’s take it together. If YOU have something to share, please feel free to e-mail me @ –




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Marilyn and George…

I’m SO thankful to George Chakiris for writing the foreword on my upcoming book, Marilyn Monroe: Her Films, Her Life. You can see George in this photo, on the far right of the image.


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Exclusive First Look! My Marilyn Monroe Book Cover and Title…



June 13, 2013 · 2:07 am

Hollywood Private Eye….Explosive New Claims About Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy Brothers!



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Hollywood’s “Movie Mermaid”…Esther Williams – Dead at 91!



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