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‘Blonde’ – A Netflix Film…Coming Soon!

I was recently interviewed by Grant Wong for his attached article on Marilyn Monroe. The new Netflix film – ‘Blonde’ – once again revisits the complexities of Marilyn’s life and career. Congrats to Grant on a very informative and well-written piece. I look forward to watching the film soon.

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Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper – Closer Weekly Article

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Lupe Velez – “You Must Remember This” Podcast

“You Must Remember This” is the podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. Lupe Velez is featured in the above-linked episode. Grab a coffee and take a listen.

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Lupe Velez…Debunking the “Big Lie”

This morning I was made aware of the below linked YouTube video from one of the people involved in the channel who produced it. Thank you to Travis Monroe Neese and the whole team at the Hidden Hollywood YouTube channel for featuring Lupe Velez on today’s episode.

My book, which fully, and unequivocally debunked Lupe’s, “died with her head in the toilet” myth takes centre stage in today’s episode, and the truth is told. The lies are slowly being unraveled.

Lupe’s death, and the “big lie” that had legs, for decades, made Lupe’s untimely and tragic passing the punchline to many jokes. I am really proud that I could unravel the truth, bury the lie, and get the real story told. It’s about time.

The clip below is well worth a listen. There are more episodes on other Hollywood stars too. Looks like an interesting channel for old Hollywood and classic movie buffs. Be sure to follow it. Enjoy!

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RIP Maureen O’Hara – She was 95…

More here >


Maureen O'Hara24


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Horror Director Wes Craven Loses His Battle with Brain Cancer…

Very sad news…Wes Craven was a master. He changed the face of the horror genre, most notably with his A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream franchises. What a legacy to leave behind. Wes Craven was 76.


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Wait…I’ve Seen That Somewhere Before! Hollywood’s Groundhog Day Rut!

Originality is dead! Looks like the Hollywood remake is here to stay…


Films in the pipeline…

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Jennifer Lawrence and the “C” Word….

The “100 days” countdown poster to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 has just been released.

How many in-house clearances did this go through before it was passed? How could they miss the expletive across Jennifer Lawrence’s face? You can’t miss it! I’ll give you a hint, it starts with the third letter of the alphabet. Somewhere, there’s a very clever, or very stupid, graphic designer laughing (or hiding) right now.

I highly doubt Jen’s grandma will be framing this one for the living room 😉


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RIP Uggie…

He was the little Jack Russell terrier who stole the show in the Oscar-winning (Best Picture, lead actor and director) silent feature, The Artist. Sadly, he’s passed on (prostate cancer) at the age of thirteen.

Despite the many canine stars preceding him, Uggie was the first dog to get his paw prints immortalised outside Graumann’s Chinese theatre in Hollywood. He was the star attraction at the Oscars. He even has his own book!

Devastated owner/trainer, Omar Von Muller, announced his beloved pooch’s death on his Facebook page yesterday. Uggie was a rescue dog, and it was a something that Von Muller reminded us of at Uggie’s paw print ceremony in 2012, saying, “The main message that Uggie would like to send to everybody out there is to please adopt. He’s adopted. He made it. If you guys can adopt a dog, even if they don’t make it on the big screen, they’ll be big stars at your house.”

RIP Uggie! You not only stole the show…you stole our hearts 🙂


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Two Words – “Jumanji Remake” – No, No and NO!!!

Jumanji would have to be one of my favourite films. Originally made in 1995, it does NOT need to be remade! Not now. Not ever! I saw it in theatres as a new release and I’ve watched it countless times since. I introduced my young son to it a few years ago. Of course, he was immediately hooked, proving the original works just fine for this generation of kids.


Hollywood needs to stop this ridiculous recycling of classic films, and in my opinion, Jumanji is a contemporary classic.

In the wake of Robin Williams’ untimely and tragic death, this is nothing but disrespectful. No one can play the lead in this film like him. That said, I get the feeling they’re going to springboard from the popular Night at the Museum franchise and go the way of Ben Stiller in this one. The link below suggests that original cast members, Bonnie Hunt and Kirsten Dunst, should jump on board for the remake. I really, REALLY hope they don’t!

‘Jumanji’: Reboot Of Classic Robin Williams Film To Be Released In 2016

My reaction to the news…even after my morning coffee!



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