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Classic Hollywood Bloopers – Over Two Hours of Footage!

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Finding the REEL Thing! A Treasure Trove of Lost Films Found at UK Recycling Centre!


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Lauren Bacall’s “Dakota” Apartment Sells For Over $20 Million!


More here, with pics, here –

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Orry Kelly Documentary – “Women He’s Undressed” Opens THIS WEEK!

Orry who? Surprisingly (at least to me), that was the response from Award-winning Australian director, Gillian Armstrong when producer, Damien Parer asked her to direct a documentary about three-time, Oscar-winning, Australian costume designer, Orry Kelly (1897-1964). He won three Oscars in the 1950s – for An American in Paris, Les Girls and Some Like It Hot; he was nominated for Gypsy. His resume is jaw-dropping. Leaving his mark all over Hollywood. He is one of Australia’s greatest success stories!

Yet, not surprisingly, “Orry who?” would be the response that most Australians would have if asked the same question that was asked of Armstrong. Kelly took Hollywood by storm. He dressed everyone who was anyone. He was one of Australia’s earliest, most successful exports, yet he’s mostly forgotten. Perhaps languishing in the shadows of the more well-known designers – Adrian, Irene, Cassini and Edith Head, his list of credits (over 300 films!) rivals any one of them.

Orry Kelly’s films >

Prior to his death (liver cancer), he completed his autobiography, “Women I’ve Undressed” (the documentary is a variation on the name), which was said to go into detail about his relationship with Cary Grant! The book was put on hold when Grant reportedly threatened legal action, Kelly died, and the manuscript went into oblivion, staying in the protective hands of his family…until now! It will finally be released early-August, 2015!

Order the book here >


Above: Orry Kelly on the set of Some Like It Hot, fitting Marilyn Monroe.

ef5ca3efaf99b8bb2d28a46bc8d1ec20Above: Marilyn Monroe wearing the “nude flapper dress” from Some Like It Hot. Designed by Orry Kelly.

With the imminent release of the book and documentary, as well as the exhibition (“Orry-Kelly: Dressing Hollywood”) opening at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (August 18), Orry Kelly is finally recognised, and rightly honoured for his prolific and influential contribution to film history, just as he should be…and in his home country to boot!

No more, “Orry who?”

More on the documentary here…

More on Orry Kelly’s career and his long-awaited revival here…

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Love Story Re-Visited…

Forty-five years ago, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw fell in love on screen in Love Story. Now, almost five decades on, they get the opportunity to re-ignite their love in A.R. Gurney’s play, Love Letters.

O’Neal is now 74 years old, MacGraw is two years his senior at 76 years. By their own admission, they’ve never had a bad word and the chemistry is still there, which bodes well for a successful, sell-out run. This hotly-anticipated stage reunion is long overdue. Their journey begins (or continues) with eight performances at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, and more dates are being added to the 12 weeks already booked.

More here…

If you see the show, let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Above: The lovebirds – then!



Above: The lovebirds – now!

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Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Session Photographs For Sale!

A traveling tour and sale of 21 color separations and the original print of the only fine art nude photography session that Marilyn Monroe ever did is coming, Aug. 5-8, from LimitedRuns. In total, the collection is expected to net several million dollars, and will move on to New York, if unsold.

More here…


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The Tragedy of Francesca Hilton…

After a lengthy, bitter battle with her mother’s (Zsa Zsa Gabor) husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, over the alleged treatment of her mother, or lack thereof, Francesca Hilton’s sudden passing on January 6, 2015, at age 67, was a shock to everyone.

Zsa Zsa is now approaching 100! After being in poor health for over a decade, and the seemingly tight-fisted reign of her ninth husband, Francesca failed to see her own frailties, clearly never expecting to die before her ailing mother.

In a strange twist to this already strange story, it was “The Prince” who stepped up to claim his estranged step daughter’s body!  What happened next?

 Click the link below to find out…


Above: Zsa Zsa with her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt (2012)


Zsa Zsa’s daughter, Francesca Hilton (above). After a lengthy, bitter battle with her mother’s ninth husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, she (ironically) passed away before her ailing mother.

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Sharknado 3: Hell No! Yep, Like It or Not, It’s On Its Way!

That’s right! A campy third instalment of the popular Sharknado franchise is on its way! Airing on July 22nd (on SyFy), Bo Derek co-stars as Tara Reid’s mother, and she still looks great!

More here…


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Marilyn Monroe’s Grave Marker Breaks All Records…Expected to Sell for $2,000, it Sold For….

…over $200,000!!!


More here…

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Lupe Velez Bio, Movie Option Now Expired…New Enquiries Considered

UPDATE: The option on my Lupe Velez bio has now expired. Unfortunately, movie projects come and go all the time, and this appears to be one of those times. This means my bio (see cover pic below) is now available for option, as are any of my books. If interested, please contact me at >

Vogel LUPE Cover

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