*Breaking News* Lupe Velez Bio-Pic Starring Ana De La Reguera Just Announced!

This just in…

The below link announces an upcoming Lupe Velez biopic starring beautiful Mexican actress, Ana De La Reguera. My Lupe Velez book is mentioned twice within the relatively short article, but I’m yet to hear from producers of the film. As far as I know, my publisher hasn’t heard from them either.

It’s early days yet, but with the film already announced I do hope they do the right thing by Lupe Velez (and myself) by utilizing my years of research to tell her story the way it should be told. However, that would mean buying the film rights to my book. Again, I’ve heard nothing from producers.

Ana De La Reguera follows me on Twitter so she’s aware of my book. I’ve sent her a direct message to find out more information. We’ll see what happens…

Article HERE


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5 responses to “*Breaking News* Lupe Velez Bio-Pic Starring Ana De La Reguera Just Announced!

  1. Diane

    Saw her for the first time last weekend in Cowboys & Aliens (odd movie… not my cup of tea – can’t believe so many heavy-hitters were involved in it’s making!). She is stunning and definitely bears a resemblance to Lupe. Thought about getting into screenwriting?!! I know you will keep up all posted on this new development! 🙂

  2. Oh I hope they do right by you and Lupe as well Michelle!

  3. Pedro Quintanilla

    Hi Michelle. As Lisa, I also hope the producers of this movie do right by Lupe and you as well. Your book is extremely well-researched and if they truly want to present Lupe´s life as it really was and not as crass mythology has it, they MUST use your book. It would be very sad if this new movie is based on cheap sensationalism and does not do justice to the talents and achievements of this great star. She was, after all, the first Mexican actress (together with Dolores del Rio) to gain star status in Hollywood. I so look forward to the publishing of your magnificent book.

  4. Moderator

    Thank you for your kind words everyone. We’ll see what develops…

  5. Erika

    This is Great News!! I also hope it’s more Biographical rather than a rumor based film. How Exciting for you!!

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