Marilyn Monroe and the “Something’s Got To Give” Nude Pool Pics – Vanity Fair!

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3 responses to “Marilyn Monroe and the “Something’s Got To Give” Nude Pool Pics – Vanity Fair!

  1. betty1114

    Marilyn could act and she made some great films so I never understood what she wanted. She flaunted her body and was resentful of the attention paid to it, she was starred in many films but wasn’t satisfied with her roles. I find it sad that she never found peace or lasting happiness.

  2. Moderator

    I think it’s one of those cases where her beauty got her in the Hollywood door, so to speak, then she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, then, when things got rough, or she felt the attention waning, she used her body to get the attention back again. It was a love hate relationship – with herself!

  3. Erika

    It seems very that was very much the trend in late 1950’s thru 1960″s Hollywood. I also feel that Jayne Mansfield and to a lesser extent Caroll Baker was treated very much the same way by the “Hollywood Star Machine”

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