Superman – The Liquidation Sale!

A massive collection going under the hammer in a week’s time…including the Superman costume that George Reeves wore. See story below:


January 22 Auction Day



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6 responses to “Superman – The Liquidation Sale!

  1. PGreen

    Is that costume the best Hollywood designers could come up with? Looks like an outfit you’d find in a costume store with “Made in China” on the label tag. Where’s the red boots?

  2. mvozus

    I guess the red boots are lost, Paul.

  3. mvozus

    LOL! Even when watching the show, his costume looked horrible. I guess wearing your underwear on the outside just isn’t a good look 😉

  4. PGreen

    I can see why George Reeves was depressed now. Poor guy. An established actor who starred in “Gone With the Wind” reduced to wearing this costume and flying on a wire through the air.

  5. mvozus

    You have a good point there, Paul!

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