A Bit Of Lupe Velez Promotion From TCM…

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NOTE: Ordering the book directly from the publisher will ensure that you get it as soon as it’s released. If you order the book from Amazon, there’ll be a delay because the publisher has to ship the books to Amazon’s fulfillment centre and THEN they ship their pre orders from there.

So, if you want the book as soon as it’s released, without delays, order directly from McFarland.

Pre Order Your Copy HERE


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3 responses to “A Bit Of Lupe Velez Promotion From TCM…

  1. Betty

    What a wonderful write up for your book. If I hadn’t met you on facebook and seen this promotion, it would have “grabbed” me to buy your book. Congratulations and may more promotions come your way to make the book sell many copies.

  2. moderator

    Thanks, Betty 🙂 Wishing you all the best for 2012!

  3. Lisa Sinkko

    A friend of mine on Facebook pre-ordered it from Barnes and Noble so it sounds like a hit !

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