Only 24 Hours Left on the $3.99 “Gene Tierney: A Biography” E-book Sale!

There’s only 24 hours left to get my book, Gene Tierney: A Biography as an e-book for the super bargain price of $3.99!

After that, it’s back to normal price. Be quick! It won’t be this price again for a looooong time.

December 23rd is the FINAL sale day!!!!



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3 responses to “Only 24 Hours Left on the $3.99 “Gene Tierney: A Biography” E-book Sale!

  1. PGreen

    Now officially ended. Your ranking was fantastic throughout the entire week Michelle. I know the price reduction means little in royalties but the ranking shows how popular your book still is. Congratulations.

  2. moderator

    Thank you, Paul. Really kind of you to post that message. How did your Pete Duel book go on the same one week blitz?

  3. PGreen

    It kept around 12,500-13,500 for nearly all of the week Michelle. To be honest I’m glad it’s back at its normal price. Too much hard work is involved to give my book away.

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