Upcoming “Citizen Kane” Screening Will Have Hearst Rolling in his Grave!

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7 responses to “Upcoming “Citizen Kane” Screening Will Have Hearst Rolling in his Grave!

  1. Betty

    Maybe if Mr. Hears would have ignored the film it wouldn’t have gotten so much attention. I know that it is a criticaly acclaimed film, but I found it dark and dreary.

    The real shame in it all is the damage to Marion’s reputation as an actress. She was just fine in comedys.

  2. PGreen

    I agree about the film being dreary Betty. The most over-rated film of all time.

  3. Erika

    I never will understand as to why this film is so highly rated? I found it to be alrite. It’s in my DVD collection only because I bought it for around $10. I thinks its there more out of obligation tho because of how all the “Experts’ rate it. I hate to say it but I bought the film out of Pressure, it comes down to thinking I would have to slap the person who claims I am not a “true” Classic Films Fan for NOT having it in my DVD collection.

  4. moderator

    There are many films in that category…rated as “the top ten this and the top ten that…” and then you watch them with high expectations and you wonder what all the fuss was about. Same goes for many Oscar winning films…

    • PGreen

      There is too much politics and favoritism in Oscar nominations. Some Academy Award winners have been a complete mystery to me. John Wayne in “True Grit” for example. He gives a fantastic performance as a racist bigot in “The Searchers” and is ignored but gets an Oscar for a far lesser role.

  5. moderator

    Paul Newman didn’t get an Oscar until “The Color of Money”. That says it all! He wasn’t awarded for his performance in THAT film, it’s just that the Academy thought, “Shit! Paul Newman hasn’t got one. Better fix that before he dies!” That Oscar had nothing to do with the film he won it for. It was collective, for everything he’d done before it.

  6. Erika

    Or when they give the Lifetime Achievement Award – Oh Shit we forgot to give them an Oscar & they may die before they do another film. SO here you go…

    I think Dietrich wrote that it’s the OMG Don’t die yet message from the Academy.

    Had anyone Scene Christopher Pluummer’s latest film?

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