WANTED: Glass Movie Slides; Coming Attraction Advertising of a Bygone Era

Posted below is a link to a collection of glass movie slides, or coming attraction slides, as they are also known. Pre movie trailers, these hand painted glass slides  were projected onto the movie screen to show audiences what to expect in theatres in the coming weeks.

As with movie posters, this was a form of disposable advertising. Paper and glass, if not treated properly, won’t stand the test of time, however, many of these coming attraction slides HAVE survived, and it’s an area of collecting that I (and my husband) enjoy.

To say we’re a bit addicted, is an understatement! You see, we started off collecting Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle slides only. Then it went into silent comedy slides only. It then branched out into any silent film…and now, we’ve opened ourselves up to the horror of every film ever produced, yes, that’s right, we’ve crossed into sound films too – GULP! 🙂

So, if YOU happen to have any glass movie slides that you’re wanting to sell, or if you know of anyone selling a collection, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

E-mail me at – mvozus@gmail.com

For an example of these beauties, check out the link that I’ve posted below. You can click thru each page (there are six pages in all) to see the entire collection. Additionally, if you click on a particular slide, it will also enlarge.

Enjoy the show!

Coming Attraction Slides



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9 responses to “WANTED: Glass Movie Slides; Coming Attraction Advertising of a Bygone Era

  1. Betty


    Thanks for posting. Matt and Kevin had been going on about the slides and there is even a site on FB dedicated to them. I was feeling like such a dummy because I had no idea what they were talking about. Now, thanks to you I do. They are beautiful and I only wish I had known about them years ago when they were more affordable. Again, thanks for posting.

  2. PGreen

    What year did they stop producing these glass slides Michelle? Who made them? How thick is the glass? A fascinating hobby.

  3. moderator

    They are beautiful, Betty. Easier to store than posters too. We have a library card cabinet, antique oak, and the slides fit perfectly into the drawers. Matt fitted each drawer out with felt. We also have a few projectors, so whenever we feel like it, we can put on our own coming attraction show 🙂

  4. moderator

    Here’s an article, Paul – http://www.examiner.com/silent-movie-in-san-francisco/the-art-and-history-of-coming-attraction-slides

    I’ve seen slides into the early-eighties, however, the early slides were all hand painted. True art! The later slides, into the seventies and eighties, were made up of a color transparency advertising the film that was put into the middle of two pieces of glass. Not as nice. Some of the slides are just one piece of glass that fits into a cardboard frame. Because those ones are hand painted, the emulsion is exposed on the back. They’re more prone to damage. The double glass slides are probably 1/4 inch thick, maybe less.

    We have almost 1000 in our collection! 🙂

  5. Erika

    Have any of you ever seen the documentary or the stage show called “The Life Of Reilly”? It’s Stage/TV Actor Charles Nelson Reilly talking about his life. He says that his Father was a poster/promotional artist for the studios. He apparently did the poster for “The Scarlett Empress” . I wonder if he did any of these type of slides..
    I do recommend adding this film to your must watch list. Its an interesting piece about acting in the 1950″s and into the era of TV.

  6. Ted Toolan

    I have slides for sale. All in color and are in good shape .May McAvoy, Constance Talmadge, Margarita Fisher, Monroe Salisbury, WMS Hart (2) Louis Bennison (2) Lew Cody (2) Alice Lake (2) AND MANY MORE.

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