A Few New Coming Attraction Slides

As many of you know, we collect coming attraction slides. Here’s three new ones, two Olive Borden’s and one Lupe Velez with Douglas Fairbanks, in The Gaucho.

If anyone reading this post has coming attraction slides for sale, please contact me – mvozus@gmail.com.


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3 responses to “A Few New Coming Attraction Slides

  1. betty1114

    Terrific slides Michelle. I wished I would have known about them years ago to start my own collection. Do you and Matt have a special way to display them?

  2. Moderator

    We store them in a multi-drawer oak library card cabinet. They fit perfectly in the drawers and there’s loads of space to add to the collection. We have several slide projectors to view them on a big screen too. We don’t often do this but from time to time it’s nice to see them enlarged and projected the way they were in theatres.

  3. PGreen

    Beautiful collection Michelle.

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