This is NOT Lupe Velez!

As you all know, I spent three years of my life (full time) researching and writing about the life, career and death of Lupe Velez. Unraveling the myths and lies was like navigating a spider web. It was an exhausting process.

Anyway, I was shown this supposed “suicide scene” photo a couple of months back and I told the people who wrote me that it was not Lupe. I knew it as soon as I saw it. At the time, all I saw was the face. In the Huffington Post article below, the entire photo is now published. Well, it wasn’t her on the close up and it’s NOT her on the long shot either.

Aside from this woman not being Mexican, her legs are far too long and too heavy to be Lupe Velez. Her feet are also too big. Even though she’s lying on the floor, you can easily tell that this woman is taller than five feet. Lupe was wearing the handmade nail ring when she died. Where is it on this woman?

Lupe took the Seconal and went to bed. Did she wear her shoes to bed, or did she get out of bed, put on her heels and then collapse and die? This woman is wearing heels! She was never in bed!

Additionally, the feet are upright in this photo, a conscious choice from anyone who is alive and lying on their backs, but not the way feet “sit” once someone has died. They would be splayed to either side, not stiff and side-by-side in an upright position, and in slip on shoes that are perfectly sitting on her feet.

I don’t care what facial recognition process has been done to supposedly “authenticate” this photo, it’s wrong, and it’s just as damaging as Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon trash. Yet another myth has been created…and for what? To sell a book, of course!


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12 responses to “This is NOT Lupe Velez!

  1. Michelle,
    It is unfortunate to see that Kenneth Anger still lives. You could tell right away that picture was not Lupe. I suppose it does no good to say anything as that book will be published and once again we who love film history will get a book of lies rather than the truth which is so much more interesting. Thank for setting the record straight on that picture.

    • Moderator

      Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it’s not Lupe, does it, Betty?

      I can’t believe they’re so adamant that it is! No amount of confirmed analysis can convince me it’s her. Their analysis is wrong – period. My eyes don’t deceive me, and yet, here we have yet another lie to defend.

  2. Heath Woodward

    This was an interesting read. Thank you Michelle.


  3. jonathan abrams

    Just discovered this blog by way of Shroeder’s Lupe Velez article on Huffpost.
    Looks fascinating. I love this kind of stuff, have since I was a kid. Looking forward to spending more time with it. (Never knew what to make of Kenneth Angers’ tomes. Parts seem to have more than a hint of truth, about the rest…What’s your opinion?)

    • Moderator

      Hi Jonathan!

      Anger’s book was a work of fiction using real life characters. When asked about his sources, he responded, “mental telepathy, mostly”. Pretty furious that Schroeder is willing to publish a death scene and claim it to be Lupe Velez, especially when the woman is clearly not Mexican – or dead, for that matter! Most sane people looking at the photo can tell it’s not Lupe on the floor, so she and her co-writer have shot themselves in the foot, so to speak. All credibility lost. You never treat your readers like fools, and this new attempt at putting a spin on Lupe’s death is to sell books, no other reason for it. To find out what really happened on the night Lupe died, read my book, Jonathan – Lupe Velez: The Life and Career of Hollywood’s “Mexican Spitfire”. Ana de la Reguera has optioned my book for an upcoming film, too. She’ll be producing, as well as playing Lupe in the lead role. Thanks for stopping by, Jonathan xo

  4. Hi Michelle, thanks for posting this! I enjoyed reading your book where you documented that she was found in bed by Mrs. Kinder wearing blue silk pajamas. I don’t remember reading the part about the handmade nail ring, did I miss that? Insightful fact I’d never heard of before. Was it documented in police reports or the like? Great research!

    • Moderator

      Hi Lisa! Thank you! Yeah, the nail ring, made as a thank you by the family man she helped monetarily, was a piece of jewellery that was more dear to her than any jewel she owned. She was wearing it at the time of her death. This woman on the floor looks posed and very much alive. The giveaways are her mouth is closed perfectly (despite laying on her back) and her feet are upright and together, a conscious effort by someone who’s still breathing. Oh, and she’s NOT Mexican! But, these “authors” were hellbent on publishing this Kenneth Anger-like trash, thinking they could pull the wool over the eyes of the public. Guess what? It hasn’t worked! You don’t need forensics to see that it’s NOT Lupe…a good pair of eyes and some common sense will tell you all you need to know.

  5. Diane

    Yup… no doubt that the picture is posed and of a blonde anglo… not a brunette Hispanic woman. And aside from your other points, why she have a pillow under her head if she was lying dead on the floor… and how would her head stay straight and not lean over to one side or another like mine does when I doze off… just makes no sense. Has to be a case of a mismarked photo or perhaps Lupe’s penciled name on the back has nothing to do with the image at all… it was a handy surface to write something down on at the time. Just because it comes from detective’s private files does not make it so. Wonder if any facial recognition software was used on the photo to scientifically compare it to Lupe? I would think a visual assessment was more than adequate!! Also interesting that someone did not waste any time including this Huff Post article in IMDB as part of Lupe Velez’s “Publicity” section… Your book is listed there as well…

    • Moderator

      I know, I totally agree with you, Diane. The photo has so many red flags, it’s ridiculous. I’ll be alerting the IMDB to this issue.

      These “authors” have joined the ranks of Kenneth Anger by spinning this photo into something it isn’t. Yet, they’re standing by it, which only sullies their reputations. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot, huh! 😉

    • John Paul

      The woman in the staged death scene photo obviously has blonde hair, which Barbara Schroeder tries to brush off as Lupe re-inventing herself. But in an authentic news photo of Lupe in her casket Lupe’s hair is clearly dark. Maybe the blonde photo was staged by a magazine at the time to dramatize the death (although you’d think they at least use a dark haired Mexican model). Also there’s a possibility this is just a movie or theatrical “still” from some production that has nothing to do with Lupe. If it is, someone may come forward and identify it. Egg will look good on the faces of Schroeder and Fogg after trying to pull this hoax.

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