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A Mexican Spitfire Threesome…And A Little About Marion Martin.

Posted below: A wonderful photo of (l to r) Marion Martin, Leon Errol and Lupe Vélez, from the ever popular Mexican Spitfire series.

Marion Martin appeared in THREE of the films, one in 1941 (Mexican Spitfire’s Baby) and the other two in 1942 (Mexican Spitfire at Sea and Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant). She played different characters (Fifi and Diana) in two of the three installments.

Typically, her career followed the “dumb-blonde” and/or “loose woman” path, yet off screen she was an intelligent, relatively conservative, reserved lady. Though her Hollywood career (mostly B-films) ended in the early-fifties, she went on to happily marry and she threw herself into a variety of charitable causes.

Marion Martin died on August 13, 1985. She was 76 years old.

Marion Martin @ Find A Grave

           Above: Marion Martin and Leon Errol in a scene still for Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant (1942).


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Lupe Vélez – Cover Girl…

…Lupe Vélez appeared on hundreds of magazine covers during her Hollywood years. Below I’ve posted a few examples for your viewing pleasure!

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Happy 103rd Birthday, Lupe…Wherever You May Be!

Today, July 18th, 2011, would have been the 103rd birthday of Lupe Vélez. It’s been sixty-seven years since her self-inflicted death at age thirty-six. A Hollywood tragedy. So unexpected. So heartbreaking. A light that was snuffed out way too early…

Almost seventy years on from her passing and the world is STILL talking about her. Next year, at the time of my book’s release, I hope even more people are talking, only this time, I hope they’ll be talking about what REALLY happened to her on that fateful December morning in 1944. No more “died with her head in the toilet” stories…the truth is there to be told and I’ve told it. Besides, her “life” story was so much more than her death. Oh, what a life!!!

I will most certainly keep everyone posted on any updates, a cover, a confirmed title, etc., as news comes to hand.

For now, remember Lupe Vélez on her birthday…

Happy Birthday, Lupe x


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The Death Of Lupe Vélez…

I posted a few photos of Lupe Vélez here yesterday, candid images that won’t be appearing in my book because of the photo cull from 150 to 75. Rather than letting the unused photos sit on my desktop, I’m sharing them with you all here. So, here’s a few more, though I forewarn you, they aren’t as pleasant as the ones in my previous post….

Above: Lupe Vélez in her coffin.

Jorge Negrete (1911-1953) and Mario Moreno, who used the moniker, ‘Cantinflas’ (1911-1993) paying their last respects to Lupe Vélez as she lay in her coffin. Negrete and Moreno were two of the greatest Mexican movie stars of all-time, Negrete as a leading man and singer, and Moreno (Mexico’s answer to Groucho Marx) as the most famous comic-character his country had ever produced. In 1944, they were both leaders of The Mexican Actors Guild (ANDA). Since Lupe’s will had not yet been probated, her family had no means to get her body from America to Mexico so The Guild stepped in and paid for the transportation of Lupe’s body back to her home country.

Above: Lupe’s mother and sisters pay their respects…

Several members of Lupe’s immediate family pay their respects before her body at the funeral home. Left to right: Two of Lupe’s sisters stand beside their distraught mother as she is supported by an unidentified man.

Funeral Day…


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A Few RARE Lupe Vélez Photos…

Okay, a little update on my Lupe Vélez book. Way back when this project initially took off, I was approved 150 photos by my publisher. However, that number was based on me coming in at 110,000 words. As I got to researching and writing, my word count ended up coming in at 135,000 words! So, this will affect my page count and when the page count is affected, so is the price of the book. In order to keep the book in a price category that we’ll ALL be happy with, I’ve had to cut my number of photographs by HALF!

That’s right, there’ll now be seventy-five photos instead 😦

That said, the story is the story and it’s a GREAT story. I’ve spent the last few days going over my photo choices with a fine tooth comb and I believe I’ve reinvented my selection to meet the seventy-five photo requirement and still tell her story, photographically speaking, in a thorough way. Oh, it hasn’t been easy. I’m exhausted!

Anyway, as the months progress, I’ll post those pics that didn’t make it – HERE!

Lupe sewing costumes with her mother in their home in Mexico. She’s about 16/17 years old here.

Lupe practices her singing. Her mother, Josefina, plays piano.

Lupe’s dancing drove men wild…here she demonstrates some of her moves!


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Lupe Vélez At Her Very Best Mexican Spitfire Self!

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Lupe – Excerpt from “Wolf Song”

Taken from a “Hollywood on Parade” short…

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Are You Loopy for Lupe?!!!

Do you have info, photos, memorabilia or personal knowledge on the life, career and tragic death of  “The Mexican Spitfire,” Lupe Velez?
If so, please contact me so we can discuss it for my new book project  – mvozus@gmail.com

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