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The Diary of Elizabeth Taylor…

…Well, you can imagine what juicy stories are inside…all will be revealed, but only AFTER her death. The bidding war on who’ll publish Liz’s life story, as only she could tell it, would be FIERCE! Read link below for more details…


Liz Writes EVERYTHING Down



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A letter from Mr. Oleg Cassini…

Given a recent blog “comment” regarding my contact with Mr. Oleg Cassini, I felt it necessary to post a scan of a letter written by him to me. This is one of many but it will be the only one scanned here. While I maintain that Mr. Cassini was extremely helpful with my book, “Gene Tierney: A Biography,” the icing on the cake, so to speak, was his (and Gene’s) daughter (Tina) writing the foreword. Enough said.


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Another Olive Borden Review…

Read review HERE




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Another one gone…

Jane Russell Dies

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