New/Candid Marilyn Monroe Pics on Display

Gallery Hours HERE

Exhibit starts tonight (August 7th) and runs thru August 29, 2010.


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2 responses to “New/Candid Marilyn Monroe Pics on Display

  1. PG

    I like these photographs Michelle. They show the vulnerable side of Monroe and her charm. Something sadly missing from so many actresses today with their fake lips and breasts and hard personas.
    I listened to Monroe’s final taped interview some years ago, recorded shortly before her death. She came across as intelligent and bright and quite upbeat. Her voice was still light but not the screen voice we’re used to hearing.

    She was a genuine talent. Her final film “The Misfits’ is haunting for many reasons and truly marked the end of an era.

  2. mvozus

    I agree, Paul. I think she was, and still is, a very underrated actress. “The Misfits” is a great film!

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