Save Scarlett’s Dresses! $30,000 Needed!

Money Needed To Save The Gone With The Wind Dresses

How to Donate


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4 responses to “Save Scarlett’s Dresses! $30,000 Needed!

  1. PG

    $30,000 is pocket change for any successful actor or director. Rather than always asking the cash-strapped public for donations wouldn’t it be nice if someone who works in the profession actually donated their loose change to preserve film history?

  2. mvozus

    That “SHOULD” happen and there probably will be a large donation given by someone with money. It usually takes a public appeal to get noticed. I just don’t like the fact that they want to fix them so they can be shipped all over the world for display. They should be fixed, but they should stay in a museum here. As they said in the article, film costumes were NOT made to last. They’ve lasted this long, but because of mishandling, they’re falling apart! Fix them. Preserve them. Keep them in one place.

  3. PG

    They want people to donate so they can make a large profit shipping them around the world for display Michelle. Mere preservation doesn’t bring in the dollars. And as you say they’ll end up requiring more restoration in the future.

  4. mvozus

    I know, and that’s why I refuse to donate. It’s all about money. That’s why these dresses have fallen into the state they are now. They’ve been abused for too many years already, made lots of $$$, and now they need OUR money to fix them so they can continue the same pattern? Eventually, the dresses won’t have an original thread on them! If they were preserved to stay at a permanent home, I’d give money, gladly! As it is, they want OUR money to fix them so THEY can make more money by whoring them out on a world-wide tour. I’m totally against that.

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