The Estate of Oleg Cassini – Ohhhh, What a MESS!

WOW! There are a lot of revelations, and pretty shocking accusations, in the September VANITY FAIR article. The Estate of Oleg Cassini is an absolute mess! I won’t go into details here, just read the article via the link below the picture of Oleg with Gene Tierney. It’s five pages. Be sure to read the whole thing…

Read Article Here – 5 Pages



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8 responses to “The Estate of Oleg Cassini – Ohhhh, What a MESS!

  1. PG

    You said it Michelle. What a MESS!! Can anyone be faithful in Hollywood? It’s like musical chairs – sorry bouncing beds! :))

  2. mvozus

    I haven’t been in contact with Tina since she wrote the foreword for my book on her mother. I had no clue she almost died last year as a result of ovarian cancer.

    As if this estate mess isn’t horrible enough, there can’t be many things worse than thinking your father was your father, especially for all those years, only to find out there’s a chance it could be a number of other men! A game of “who’s daddy?!” And, when I was in contact with Oleg, he made no mention of a woman being in his life, let alone a WIFE! Unbelievable!

  3. mvozus

    The article also said his estate was estimated at 50 plus million. Tina wants $1 million, as stated in the will, plus 25 per cent. When you’re dealing with THAT much money, why not just share it? Do what’s right. As it is, this will be dragged out for years and the only ones benefiting are the lawyers!

  4. PG

    Yes when you interview people you’re always aware they are only be telling you what they want to share. And that isn’t always the entire story. Very frustrating.

    Didn’t know about Tina. This is the last thing she needs.

  5. mvozus

    Yeah, the article goes on for five pages, Paul. Click the numbers at the bottom of the first page of the link provided to read the entire story.

  6. sarah

    Hey Michelle,
    We learned after reading your comments and checking into this that you did not meet with Oleg Cassini. Apparently, you had contacted his office, that you were writing a book about Gene Tierney, but did not meet with him.
    So your comments of a personal nature regarding Cassini and his current wife, neither of whom did you ever meet with, are not what took place.
    You were planning to write a book about Gene Tierney, and you were put in touch with Gene Tierney’s daughter. You did not have a personal relationship with either Oleg Cassini or his current wife, nor would he have spoken to you, someone he never met, about his current personal life.
    You were dealing with a former ex – wife’s story.
    Why did you choose to post those misleading comments about an Icon like Oleg Cassini. Seems to be very twisted.

    • mvozus

      Hmmmm…don’t know what your agenda is or why you’re so defensive “sarah,” but no comments made indicated that I had a “personal relationship” with Oleg Cassini or his current wife. I did indeed contact his office and we corresponded by snail mail and fax. I was living in Australia at the time. He put me in touch with his daughter, Tina, and she very kindly wrote the foreword. Oleg was a lovely man and few people knew of his current marriage, not even his daughter! Tina referred to his wife as “my father’s GIRLFRIEND” in a phone conversation I had with her. I have nothing to hide. It is what it is.

  7. mvozus

    A letter from Oleg Cassini –

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