Goodbye Tony Curtis…

And, with Gloria Stuart and Eddie Fisher dying this week, Tony makes it number three. May they all rest in peace.

Tony Curtis – DEAD


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4 responses to “Goodbye Tony Curtis…

  1. PG

    I just finished reading his Memoir a few weeks ago. A follow-up to his Autobiography. Well worth reading. An under-rated actor.

  2. mvozus

    He was fantastic in many films, wasn’t he? “The Defiant Ones,” “Some Like it Hot” and “Houdini” were a few of my faves. He was one of a handful of old Hollywood icons left. Still a few actresses left, but as for the men, is Kirk Douglas the only peer of Tony Curtis still alive?

  3. PG

    Roger Moore is still alive Michelle. They both told the exact same story about working with Joan Collins in their memoirs. :))

  4. mvozus

    Yeah, Roger Moore. Ernest Borgnine is still going too.

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