Can Michelle Williams Play Marilyn Monroe?

Too late! She already is…but will she be able to pull it off?

You be the judge. See article below:


Marilyn Monroe Movie Info




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3 responses to “Can Michelle Williams Play Marilyn Monroe?

  1. PGreen

    Nobody can play Monroe. I haven’t seen a convincing performance yet. I’d much rather see a documentary using actual footage of the real-life Marilyn Monroe than any actress attempting to imitate her. None of the films have dared to go near the dark side of her personality that could be quite nasty to fellow performers. She wasn’t simply a misunderstood, neurotic girl but could be manipulative and selfish. She played the field with big-time players and got her fingers burned. That’s the truth. She used and in turn was used. Was she murdered? Most likely by neglect than intent. But she was in over her head with some very nasty types and anything is possible.
    Michelle Williams as Monroe? From “Dawson’s Creek” to Monroe. You decide…

  2. Aoife Greene

    Personally, I idolize Marilyn and my reaction to their casting choice was an absolute NO. I was horrified when i found out Michelle Williams was to be playing Marilyn .. Even by just looking at the above image, how she’s posed, the expression on her face, and the glimmer in her eye. It’s all wrong. If no one yet has been able to portray Monroe well, why is it that they think Williams will be able to do it? They’re probably just portraying who they think she was as opposed to who she actually was. The truth is, no matter who they would have picked, someone would have been disappointed. Either way, there still could have been a better person to play the role… In my opinion, this is a huge disrespect to her memory.

    • mvozus

      I agree! And, Anne Hathaway will be playing Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic, too. That project has been plagued with issues…you can well imagine how that one will turn out IF it’s ever completed!

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