Where are those RUBY SLIPPERS?!


Reward offered for the safe return of one of four pairs worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz



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3 responses to “Where are those RUBY SLIPPERS?!

  1. PGreen

    I always remember seeing one of the original pair of ruby slippers on the Wizard of Oz display at the Hollywood Wax Museum back in 1977. It was my first trip to America.
    One of the guys on a new SyFy Hollywood auction show attempted to track down one of the pairs of ruby slippers but with no luck. At least I saw the slippers before they disappeared. They were on a wax dummy of Judy Garland as Dorothy and really made an impression on me. I hope at least one of the pair of slippers is found soon.

  2. PGreen

    Ooops! I see only one pair is missing. I should have read the article first.

  3. mvozus

    LOL! Yeah, one of the FOUR known pairs are missing…seems they’ve been specifically targeted and stolen for a high end collector.

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