Kirk Douglas at The Oscars…Classic or Cringeworthy?

While I absolutely love it when The Oscar ceremony pays homage to “old Hollywood,” did producers go a little too far with the old Hollywood this year by bringing on Kirk Douglas to present? At 94, he’s one of the last of the Hollywood greats, but I felt tonight’s appearance was very reminiscent of “Dick Clark on New Years Eve” at times.

Classic or Cringeworthy?


Kirk Douglas at The Oscars



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5 responses to “Kirk Douglas at The Oscars…Classic or Cringeworthy?

  1. PGreen

    The classless actress who received her Oscar from Kirk is the cringeworthy one Michelle. As were some lame presenters such as Justin Timberlake and partner whose jokes fell flat.
    Kirk Douglas could wipe the floor with these people at his height. He has every right to be at the Oscars and I commend his guts in never quitting, feeling sorry for himself or playing the blame game. The young brats in Hollywood should take note.

  2. mvozus

    I don’t agree, Paul. His appearance was pure exploitation. The producers should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. PGreen

    How can you exploit someone who agrees to appear on the show Michelle? Kirk Douglas isn’t ashamed of his age. Why should he be? Are only pretty people of a certain age allowed on stage? I recall John Wayne appeared at the Oscars when he had lost weight due to his cancer and was clearly dying. Same with Bette Davis who continued on chat shows after her sroke that left her partly paralyzed. Should old and infirm people hide away? All power to Kirk Douglas.

  4. mvozus

    Producers invited him on to present. He accepted. All well and good. He did not stick to a scripted presentation and much of what he said was inaudible. It’s not about being ashamed of his age, it’s about being mentally capable to do what is asked and expected. Is it OK for Dick Clark to slur his way thru the countdown to a new year? People retire for a reason…sometimes, enough is enough.

  5. PGreen

    Egos are HUGE in Hollywood. Some stars just don’t want to fade away…..

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