Kate vs Grace…Yes, “the dress” was awfully similar, as was the bouquet!

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5 responses to “Kate vs Grace…Yes, “the dress” was awfully similar, as was the bouquet!

  1. PGreen

    Helen Rose should sue for copyright infringement. 🙂 Having watched the wedding I have to admit you can’t top Princess Diana. She had a special quality that’s difficult to define. Kate is just another girl.
    I saw Diana in person. Tall and graceful in the way she interacted with us “commoners.” Kate is missing that shy charm of Diana and is almost over-confident at such an early stage.

  2. moderator

    Kate beat the odds and snared herself a Prince, the future KING of England…she can afford to be over-confident 🙂 But, I agree, she doesn’t exude the same charm and warmth that Diana did. The Royal Family are no doubt pleased with the response from the public…that was one HUGE crowd in attendance!

  3. Erika

    No Kate’s parents made sure she had the odds to get in with the Prince.

    I don’t think the girl has any personality or orignal thoughts after seeing the wedding gown.

    She was trying so hard NOT to be Diana or get the comparison to her, that she just stole a different Beloved Princess to copy hoping we wouldn’t notice.. BTW I tried tha tdress on 10yrs ago when I was shopping for my gown, she could have rack bought it for $4,000.

  4. moderator

    I think she underestimated the Grace Kelly crowd, Erika…Lovely dress, but such a rip off!

  5. emy

    Yes, kates dress was beautiful and it suited her but thats as far as it goes. Diana was our princess and no matter how beautiful kate looks nothing will ever compare to diana. we all miss you lady di

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