My Personally Signed Bookplates Will Soon Be Available!

As an author, obviously, I’m often asked to sign my books. I absolutely love doing this and I SO appreciate the people who spend their hard earned dollars on my work. However, sending a book to sign from America or England to Australia and back again, costs around $30 roundtrip.

Postage is very expensive!

So, in order to cut costs down for the people who DO want my autograph, I’ve ordered specially printed bookplates.

These book plates have a peel-off backing, just like a sticker. They’re custom designed and printed and can be placed in your copy of my book for only $5 (Australian Dollars), INCLUDING postage – ANYWHERE in the world! Please note, the $5 only covers my printing costs, as well as postage to you. I do NOT charge for my autograph.

So far, I’ve only ordered 100 of these bookplates, just to see how it goes…

If you’d like a signed book plate, you can pay via Paypal – And, be sure to send your name and address details with your $5 payment.

*FYI – The bookplates won’t be available for approx. two weeks from the date of this posting.

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