More On Jennifer Grant’s Relationship With Her Dad…

I posted an article about Jennifer Grant’s new book a few days ago, but I thought I’d share another article today. A little more in-depth than the previous one, her memories exude love and warmth. It’s a wonderful story of a father/daughter relationship that was, well –  normal! What a welcome change to hear from the daughter of a Hollywood icon, not trashing him, not spreading ugly stories that can’t be defended from beyond the grave, not wanting to make a quick-buck off her father’s name by writing a scandalous tell-all, but honoring him as a loving, caring, hands-on father.

So rare in Hollywood…well done, Jennifer Grant and CONGRATULATIONS on the book!




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2 responses to “More On Jennifer Grant’s Relationship With Her Dad…

  1. K.D. PARKER

    Hi I not really sure how to start this reply but I believe I have a very interesting story that may interest Mrs Grant concerning her father but I am not sure how to make contact with her, can I make it clear that I am not a freak or an idiot I am 63yrs old and have two grown up children and live in Bristol England and I am happily retired and live with my wife. The information I have relates to her fathers early life in Bristol and that of his father Archie Leach from the 1920s and 30s. Can I make it clear the information or story I have would be only given to her as it,s of a personnel nature and in involves both our families, if you know or are able to pass this message to her please do so.

    Kind Regards K.D. Parker

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