All About “Jane”…Her Journey from a Convent to the Jungle!

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4 responses to “All About “Jane”…Her Journey from a Convent to the Jungle!

  1. PGreen

    I’ve been watching some of her non-Tarzan films on TCM today. She really was an attractive Irish lady. Then I went to YouTube to watch an interview with her in her later years. She was talking about the censorship of her Jane costume. In “Tarzan and His Mate” she wore a flesh revealing costume and even had a nude swimming scene. Then the Hays Code came along and spoiled the fun.

  2. PGreen

    As noted in the article the nude swimming scene was cut and was in fact a double. Some of the censored footage is shown in the YouTube interview I mentioned in my previous post. Sad to think a naked body is still censored to this day on basic cable and network TV – yet graphic scenes of corpses and autopsies are viewed as “entertainment.”

  3. moderator

    Yep, the naked body is still a taboo subject, especially on TV. American TV is actually quite prudish by Australian standards.

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