Liz and Dick – The Biopic…

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5 responses to “Liz and Dick – The Biopic…

  1. PGreen

    Angelina Jolie as Elizabeth Taylor? NO!! Jolie has more of a resemblance to Sophia Loren with her full lips but she looks nothing like Taylor. She has experience of being a marriage breaker though. Ouch!!

  2. moderator

    If Angelina Jolie is cast as Liz, they might as well cast Brad Pitt as Richard Burton and really stuff it up! I don’t know why they don’t seek out a couple of unknowns who look like both of them and can pull off strong performances at the same time. Casting a well-known actor is too distracting and it’s never a believable performance. Hey, I know…how about they just can this project altogether?! 🙂

  3. Erika

    Yes – PLEASE can this project ASAP… It will be a box office bomb if they cast Jolie in it – Do they REALLY think Liz fans will accept HER playing Liz?…

    Why do I get the feeling that Hollywood thinks all Classic Movie Fans are Idiots?…

  4. PGreen

    They think ALL movie fans are idiots these days Erika. LOL I recall a TV mini-series where Sherilyn Fenn played Elizabeth Taylor. Ms. Fenn is a very attractive actress but she failed to capture the rough edges of Taylor. Taylor could be razor blade mean. I much prefer documentary footage of the actual person to a biopic using a look-a-like actress and actor.

  5. moderator

    Judy Davis played Judy Garland very well…Halle Berry did a great job with her Dorothy Dandridge biopic too, but they’re an exception. The performances and the production quality are usually poor. If Angelina Jolie is cast, this will be a feature film, not a TV special! NO ONE will go and see it. Most moviegoers of today couldn’t name one film starring Elizabeth Taylor and/or Richard Burton. There’s a reason why trash like “Hangover II” is breaking box office records…and it has nothing to do with the quality of the production. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly an Oscar front-runner! No, it has EVERYTHING to do with what audiences want and expect out of a movie-going experience…mindless entertainment with toilet humor and “Jackass-like” stunts. Watching someone’s life story, or even comprehending a well-told story about anything without stunts and in-your-face CGI is sadly beyond most audiences of today. Yep, those people who do enjoy that form of entertainment are at home watching “The History Channel.”

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