Debbie’s Hollywood Treasures Will Soon Be Sold…And She’s Heartbroken!

And I absolutely agree with her. I’d be heartbroken too. A collection of this magnitude shouldn’t be split up. I don’t know why a Hollywood Museum can’t be planned by someone. There’s enough rich Hollywood folk out there who could set it up without putting the slightest dent in their bank account!

Take a good look at the items up for sale while you can…there’s a very good chance that most of the pieces will be purchased by private collectors and hoarded away for decades! 😦

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4 responses to “Debbie’s Hollywood Treasures Will Soon Be Sold…And She’s Heartbroken!

  1. PGreen

    Many of the present generation appear to have little appreciation or love for classic Hollywood. Museums are closing through lack of attendance. It’s sad because most of today’s films won’t stand the test of time. All the CGI effects in today’s films will look redundant in the future.
    Good luck to Debbie. A true professional.

  2. moderator

    That lack of appreciation and respect for Hollywood’s past will come back to bite society on the “you know what,” Paul. At that point, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

  3. Lisa Sinkko

    It’s Terribly sad there is no appreciation for Hollywood History Anymore. If I had the funds I would love to have the Chaplin Hat and the Monroe Dress. I Do agree the Wizard of Oz collection should stay together. She really had some collection didn’t she?

    • moderator

      Yes, she did, Lisa. To amass that much and to keep it together for so long is an amazing feat. She had a wonderful idea and it’s a real shame that some like-minded individual doesn’t take that idea and make Debbie’s dream a reality before she passes on. The interest this auction is generating proves there’s a market for a museum.

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