It’s Outta My Hands Now…

Well, my Lupe Vélez manuscript, along with photos, electronic files, notes and permission letters that clear words from various contributors to print has been packed up and is now winging its way to my publisher…the box weighed 3.7 kilos (about 8 pounds) and cost a whopping $86 to send via airmail! Almost two years of my life, from thought process to finished package has gone into this project…letting it go is bittersweet. Of course, it WILL BE BACK – eventually. The proofs and indexing are to come, but that’s months and months away. For now, and for the first time, it’s outta my hands…my work is done!

See my photo below…yep, it was HEAVY!

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  1. Lisa Sinkko

    I can’t wait to read this book Michelle. I am sure it will be one of your best!

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