Jerry Lewis…Sick in Sydney!

Get well soon, Jerry!

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8 responses to “Jerry Lewis…Sick in Sydney!

  1. Lisa Sinkko

    I am not a fan of Jerry Lewis for the way he has treated his kids both the acknowledged and the Daughter he does not ackowledge but I do hope he recovers we are losing too many classic Hollywood Stars.

  2. moderator

    There’s a daughter he doesn’t acknowledge? I’m only aware of the one daughter that he adopted with his current wife, Lisa. I LOVE him! I grew up watching his films and still love watching them. His tireless work with the MDA is also a reason to give the man credit. He has a great affinity for Australia and has visited often over the years. I wish him all the best. He’s a long way from home to be sick. I’m hoping he’s just dehydrated and tired from the long flight. The jet lag really knocks you around. I’ve flown between Australia and the U.S. more times than I care to remember and even at my age, it’s totally exhausting!

    • Siobhan

      Yes..her name is Susan..She was born in 1952. She looks exactly like him. She didn’t want money, just some time with him to get to know him. Google Jerry Lewis’ biological daughter Susan and you’ll find pictures and her story. It’s quite sad. Gary Lewis (of Gary Lewis and the Playboys), Jerry’s son was the one who rallied to arrange a DNA test to determine whether they were brother and sister. I lost all respect for Jerry Lewis when I heard that he refused to acknowledge his daughter and just ignored her. He had the nerve to say about his adopted daughter “Now I have the daughter I’ve always wanted ” which was so hurtful to Susan. He’s an arrogant bastard and a narcissist if you ask me. It really changes my opiniion of his charity work with MDA. Charity begins at home, after all.

      • moderator

        Such a shame! I don’t get it. Why would you deny a child, a woman, who is your biological child, especially since Gary went out of his way to get results for her to prove they were related? Even if it WAS about money…surely there’s plenty to go around.

  3. PGreen

    Yes Lisa is correct. He has a daughter named Suzan. She had a DNA test to prove Lewis is her father but he just ignores her.

  4. moderator

    I didn’t know that. Gary Lewis is a lovely guy. He’s in my “Children of Hollywood” book. Wouldn’t you think that with Jerry’s desire to have a daughter for so long, he’d embrace the biological one he’s got?! Very strange, especially given the DNA results…

  5. PGreen

    I like Jerry Lewis’ work for various charities and some of his films but he does have a dark side, which he acknowledges in his books. He was quite a piece of work in his younger days.

  6. Siobhan

    His daughter seems lovely. She looks exactly like him too which you would think would have some affect on him. There is no way he could deny her, even without the DNA test. She’s the spit of him!

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